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Satay Burger


These burgers have been on my mind for awhile. I knew I wasn't the first person to think of them, and a quick google search reaffirmed this theory. Even racheal ray has a version! Most use peanut butter, and mix the sauce throughout the patty. I like this method of smothering the cooked burger in the sauce because it amplifies the flavor, and keeps the burger juicy inside. It also allows the patty to get nicely browned, an important element in chicken satay. Check back Wednesday to see what we ate on the side.

Ready to make a paste.

In with the peanuts

The blender I was using couldn't really handle this mixture, so I decided to cook it first, add the coconut milk, and then blend it again at the end.

Very excited because I have not used a charcoal grill since Bermuda!

The toppings for the burgers, reminiscent of the salad you sometimes get with the satay skewers.

Ground chicken. Be sure to use a lot of oil on the grill because chicken burgers are fragile.

Burgers into the warm sauce just as they are cooked through.

Very tasty!

For the sauce - about 4 cloves garlic, 10 dried arbol chiles, and a nice chunk of ginger blended in a food processor with some salt. Add a cup and a half of roasted peanuts. blend. Add a little oil and blend till almost smooth. Saute the paste some oil for 2 minutes on high. Add a can of coconut milk and stir until smooth. Add some soy sauce and fish sauce. Simmer 2 minutes. Remove from heat and squeeze in a lime.

As I mentioned above, if your blender or food processor cant really break down the dry peanut chile garlic ginger paste, start cooking with it chunky, then re-blend the whole thing after it is done cooking.


Mmmmmm! These look sooo good! I can practically taste the peanuts! I'm on a serious diet but think I am going to have to break it after seeing this!

Weird. My kitchen, but i'm not there.....

Just watched Bittman's video on grinding your own burger meat. Don't see why it wouldn't work with chicken. Got some great cukes right now so this just might be dinner. Thanks!

i bet those were tasty! Man!

love the sauced burgers. i'm definitely going to try this one.

are you a portland hipster??

Hey, just stumbled across this recipe. It looks yummy! As an avid griller, I want to give you a piece of advice. For chicken and turkey burgers a well-seasoned cast iron griddle is perfect for making sure they don't fall apart or stick.

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