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Cuban Sandwich Mac and Cheese Lasagna


Did you read that title right? Yep, that is correct. Lets break it down. Cuban Sandwich: A panini of roasted pork, ham, swiss, pickles, and mustard. Some people get weird about a pickle in a melty cheesy sandwich, but trust me, so good. On to the next. Mac and cheese: you all know this one, and you know I know it very well. Today we are talking about the sauce part and not the mac part. Lasagna: Normally a tomato sauce, ricottaey amazingness. Today its just about the noodles, I wanted to layer the mac and cheese to emulate the pressed sandwich. I was gonna leave the lasagna part out of the title, but about 5 people told me I'm not allowed to use lasagna noodles in a mac and cheese, I had to call it lasagna. This was hard to name! I could have also called it cubanza, but now I'm just talking nonsense. In other news, THIS WAS SOOO GOOD! It could have to do with me planning it for like 2 months, but I just loved it. Everyone who tried it gave me the "really?", followed by "its a bit pickley" followed by "it's actually really good!" like they were surprised or something. When have I led you guys astray that you doubt me so?

Instead of roasting a pork shoulder for forever, I fried up these little pieces of pork. Doesn't really matter what cut. This one said "stewing." I cooked them very high for awhile so that they had a nice crust.

Thin slice the pickles at a slant so they are longer.

8 oz of each. Cubans are made with swiss, and my normal mac and cheese mix is gruyere, cheddar, and jack, so i thought all 4 would be a good mix. Also gruyere is swiss anyways so its perfect. There is 8 oz of each of these, and you make a sauce with them like normal mac and cheese, but with lots of mustard and pickle juice in it! The full recipe will be below.

As you can see, I cooked that pork pretty brown.

Pickle juice right into the sauce? You crazy for this one Jay! I mean Dan.

Layering. How could this not be good?

There was a perfect amount of sauce to just cover the noodles. The sauce was thin(because of all the pickle juice) so I wanted to cook it for a long time. Because of this, I undercooked the noodles.

After a whole hour at 350.

So incredibly good.

Pickley, mustardy, cheesey, porkey, hammy, over the top awesome. My spell check HATES ME today. (even more than usual)

I had to take this picture from the leftovers the next day cause I love how you can see the layers.

8 oz each of:
3 cups milk
ABOUT 1/3 cup mustard
ABOUT 1 cup pickle juice from the jar
1/2 stick butter
4 tablespoons flour
small onion diced
4 or 5 medium dill pickles, thin sliced
1/2 lb ham (get something nice like pepper or rosemary ham, a good brand)
1 lb pork chunks, pan fried golden brown, then chopped up small
box (lb) of lasagna noodles

shred the cheeses. melt the butter in a decent sized pot to make the sauce. Add the onions and sweat about 5 minutes. Add the flour and whisk till it is combined well with the butter. keep stirring about 3 minutes till the color changes slightly. whisk in the milk(warm is better), making sure to get rid of all the lumps. add about half each of the pickle juice and mustard. Bring it to almost boil and reduce the heat. Add the cheese in small batches letting it all melt as you go. Add the rest of the mustard and pickle juice tasting as you go. You will most likely want to add it all, but you should still be tasting. You might even want more! don't be afraid of a WOW that is pickley! reaction, because its gonna be chilled out by the noodles and other stuff(like more pickles? what?) Anyways, UNDERcook the noodles in salted water and then build your lasagna. I put all the ingredients on the bottom layer, then one each on each of the next layers, then all on the top again. So pasta - pickleshampork - pasta - pickles - pasta - ham - pasta - pork - pasta - pickleshampork- pasta. yum soo good, i wish there was still leftovers. oven uncovered at 350 for an hour.  The top will be nicely browned, but if not broil it.  let it sit for about the longest 20 minutes ever before cutting and serving.


This is the most unique lasagna I have ever seen. It's brilliant! I've never had a Cuban sandwich (have wanted one!), but I imagine it's delicious-- as a lasagna, too!


I'm not a big fan of lasagna, but I am a big fan of pork and Swiss cheese. It looks really appetizing in the picture too.


I have to say that I was one of the nay sayers. How could you put pickle juice in lasagna. It was actually really delicious. I couldn't believe it. Great job Dan

I made a tamale lasagna the other day, but you beat me by two extra countries on this one!

Looks pretty good, but you should have involved grilling somehow!

umm...YES!!! this looks so amazing! I love love love pickles, how can you not? and cubans are one of my favorite sandwiches. this looks amazing...a match made in (my) heaven! haha. nicely done, d dub.

That's disgusting.

I really don't think I could let it sit for 20 minutes before chowing down. Looks amazing!!

Well aren't you going to share your tamale lasagna recipe? MMMM

Okay, I am on Weight Watchers and have lost 24 pounds so far. But oh, how I want this lasagna. Love Cuban sandwiches, love lasagna, love mac n cheese. MMMMM I will have to try this somehow.

That looks AWESOME. Also I love the obscure Aziz Ansari reference! These beats are dope.

I LOOOOOVE lasagna and mac & cheese and pickles. I don't love pork or ham.. but this is seriously tempting me out of my vegetarianism.

Wow...I'm commentless.
-ñom, ñom, I've got makaroni in my beard.

I am going to try this one. . . and for the record, I'm goin' with "Cubanza". Thanks for the post. To the tamale lasagna chef, please share! I am on a quest to find the
"Lasagnas of the World". So far, Pastitsio, Classic Italian, and now Cubanza!!!!

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