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Cherry Mojito


It's Tuesday, and you guys know that that means Foodie Fight battle day, so make sure to head over and vote. I didn't want to interrupt Cherry Week here on TFIMB, so I have a quick cocktail for you guys, only 2 pictures, so it doesn't take your time away from Foodie Fights!

I muddled the cherries and pineapple mint. I know you guys are gonna call me out on how I always say "never muddle drinks", but what can I say? I have no beliefs, but I believe I'm a walking contradiction, and I ain't got no right. Also - this looks like Christmas.

Cherry Rum and Soda water finish off the drink. Tasty!

Do you guys know about that pineapple mint I was talking about? It seems to be at every plant store this year for people to grow in their garden. Smells just like it sounds, pineappley and minty! This drink was great and would be nice to have a pitcher of on a hot day! Cherries, pineapple mint, cherry rum, soda water. Thats it.


looks like a great 4th of July drink. Can't wait

I wish I could have this for breakfast right now...

You found Pineapple mint at other places?

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