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Beet-y Fusilli


I haven't taken a break from the site in awhile, but it didn't even feel like a break at all, I have been busy as ever! Don't worry, I have been cooking a ton and have plenty of recipes to show you guys. This first one is basically me trying to clear out my sisters CSA before stuff went bad. I have always wanted to use beet greens in pasta since Mario Batali made a funny joke that hit the cover of Food and Wine. Now that I finally did, I have to say that they take the place of spinach or arugula very nicely.

I shocked the greens in ice water to liven them up a bit.

Garlic scapes and beets were in the early CSA package.

The saute veggies ready to go.

I added a little flour to thicken everything.

Some chicken pieces from a stock I made earlier. I also put about 2 cups of the stock in. Next is marjoram.

Beet greens go in as the heat is shut off. Also add a bunch of parm.

Very tasty! My sister wasn't feeling well which is why i made a chicken stock, but you don't want soup in the summer. This pasta overflowed with chicken stock and beet flavor and was a nice treat on a cool summer afternoon.

I made a chicken stock first and shredded the meat. I used about 3/4 of the chicken. Save 2 cups of the stock to use in this dish. Make small cubes of onion and beets, then little sticks of the garlic scapes. Satue this stuff in oil, add a few spoons of flour, stir and whisk to combine. add the 2 cups of stock. stir and whisk. Add the chicken and some marjoram or oregano (fresh if you can). Add the al dente pasta, beet greens, and some parm and stir and mix for about 2 minutes.


ok, now i'm going to have that New Yorker joke stuck in my head ...

This looks so delishious! The pictures are awesome and I now want my dinner for breakfast.

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