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Pear Sangria


More from the family party this weekend. My mom wanted to make a cocktail but she wanted it to be kinda light and fun and springy. We both decided that sangria would be a good fit. Not the more heavy red sangria, but a lighter white sangria cut with soda water. She didn't trust me to just throw a bunch of awesome into a punch bowl, especially after spending lots of cash at the liquor store, so we followed a Rachael Ray recipe.

We used pears in the recipe instead of peaches because the peaches didn't look so good at the store.

Sugar and some Calvados(apple liquor).


This sat overnight to let the flavors meld.

The next day it was a little too dry and strong so my mom added some ginger ale.

At the last minute she made these cool ice cubes with fruit punch for a garnish.

So tasty. Fresh, light, fruity, refreshing. Good even when it was real humid like this past sunday.

This recipe. We used pears instead of peaches. We let it sit overnight. We also added some ginger ale before serving.


I love the idea of using pears. Yum

recipe?? kind of pears/wine, etc...

The recipe is hyperlinked where it says "This Recipe", or

Really liking the idea of this - I've been looking for something which isn't pimms to enjoy when the sun comes out and this might be it. It's also a good way to use up a bottle of apple-vodka I've had hanging around for a while now.

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