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Frosty Nights


Me last week: "The plants finally went into the ground yesterday and I am pretty comfortable that the weather will cooperate." The weather a few days ago: "Ha! You idiot." Yea, it went below freezing 2 nights in a row this week. A problem I never had in Bermuda! This is what we did to prevent the plants from frosting. Not the best way according to the internet, but hey, it worked.

See the Lamp there? We used that combined with that tarp in the background to cover and warm the plants.

All tarped up.

Whats going on in here?

Looks like some sort of alien landscape.

The plants survived great and I am proud to say there is no leaf damage!


It does look pretty weird at night but this method has worked for us for a couple of years. I think because the tarp does not touch the plants, and its not a thin plastic sheet, it has been sucessful.

Nice man. Very creative.

I really wish I had a garden. That's awesome.

sweet! a fort! or the old tent city in downtown springfield! haha. glad to see your garden survived.

Depending on the daytime temps and how low it gets at night, you may not even need that lamp. Course the tomatoes will greatly appreciate it, since below 50° they get pretty unhappy.

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