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Farmer Dan is Back


It's that time of the year again! Time for me to use that awful graphic to the left. This is the third year in a row where I have had a vegetable garden. I feel like a seasoned pro. Back in Bermuda, we could plant whenever we felt like it. Here in new england I wanted to plant a week and a half ago. It was beautiful for about 3 weeks and I thought it would be fine. Then it dropped to 30 degrees out of nowhere, and went back to 75 the next day. I guess I forgot about Spring in New England! The plants finally went into the ground yesterday and I am pretty comfortable that the weather will cooperate. There are a few things nice about not gardening in Bermuda though. Here I can put things in the ground(instead of containers) and have way more plants. Also there is better selection at the store here. I have a bunch of plants that I have never grown before! Including heirloom tomatoes, celery, and scallions!

Basil in a container.

Also some other herbs. I like the herbs in a container cause you can keep it closer to the door.

Thats a lot of plants!

Lookin pretty good all planted.


Lots of Jalapenos.




Celery. Does anyone know if I will get celeriac from this?

I think i got ripped off on this arugula cause it looks weird. I have grown it before and it looked totally different.

A nice flower on the chives that came back from last year.

Speaking of coming back from last year, The brussel sprouts never really grew enough to give any food last year, then they seemed to die over the winter, then they started growing again this year. I looked online and it said they come back each year, but didnt really say if you actually get veggies off them the second year. I kinda dont think we will because they look funny. Does anyone know the deal with these things?

They are weird cause the new plants are growing out of the old dead looking ones. They are also flowering already.

Check out my sweet gardening sunglasses!


That definitely does not look like arugula. The leaves kind of could look like it but arugula grows like other lettuce/spinach/greens, not like that with a really long stem and so much space between leaves. But who knows, maybe they were grown with little light and got leggy.

Celery seeds/plants will not produce celeriac. They're related but not the same.

What kind of tomatoes did you buy?

Love it! I planted my very first tomatoes this year... actually I lived with a roommate who planted some once, but as I took no part in the actual maintenance, it doesn't count. I planted 6 of them, and 2 or 3 of them look kind of dead. Hopefully they will revive now that they're in some Miracle-Gro soil with plenty of sunlight and water. I would love some tips for tomato growing if you got em!

Looking forward to seeing recipes for all the homegrown veg!

Beautiful garden Beardman. I'm really envious- good luck!

I'm definitely jealous. This is the first year I've actually made a raised garden bed and planted some things (basil, corn, green beans, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes)... but I can't seem to keep the squirrels away! Do you have that problem up in Mass?

Hopefully the tarps we used to cover the garden last night helped to keep the sub freezing temps from harming the plants.
Same for tonight.

Brussel sprouts are a biennial, which means they bolt in their second year. Parsley is the same. Ours has shot out stems 4 feet tall! Your arugula is going to seed, too. Ours did that and hasn't managed to recover since. It's produced a bunch of seed pods, though, which we're hoping to plant next year.

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