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55 Knives and a Foodie Fight


A couple of things today. First, I want to tell you guys about this really cool project I have been involved in. Macheesmo has been working hard on this project. He put together 55 blogs just like mine and got everyone to write a chapter for an e-book. It came out really awesome! I want you all to check out the site where he explains it way better than I do. If you guys like my website, you will totally love this book and I really suggest you purchase it!

55 knives

Next is Foodie Fights, It's Battle Tuesday. These guys rocked the shallot apricot combo, even though apricots are a low percentage fruit according to Larry David. Check it out and cast your vote!


looks exciting! if you're in it, I know there will be at least one interesting, awesome recipe worth checking out :) also saw a few other blogs i've read. may indeed have to purchase.

is there any chance there might be an in-print version coming out, ever?

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