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2 Cupcake Recipes


We had a family gathering at my parents house this past weekend, and my mom was making 2 different cupcake recipes for dessert. I was glad to help out and get a free post out of the deal. One of these recipes is a mini peanut butter cupcake from food network magazine, and the other is an oreo cheesecake cupcake from Martha Stewart. Both the recipes were huge hits at the party. They were fairly easy and soo good!  Unrelated reminder: Battle Peas and Ginger is up on Foodie Fights!

The cheesecake recipe was super simple.

Adding oreo crumbs to the mix.

The cake recipe for the peanut butter cups was also simple, just everything in one bowl and mix it up.

The peanut butter topping was PB chips melted in cream. After this chills, it is whipped.

Piping peanut butter onto the cupcakes.

This is the chocolate that you dip the cupcakes in.

These need to freeze about 15 minutes before dipping so the peanut butter doesn't melt.

The cupcakes went well together.

And the whole family loved them.

I liked to serve the oreo ones upside down.

Yum. I normally go toward chocolaty/peanut butter type desserts, but surprisingly I liked the cheesecakes better!

The peanut butter cupcake recipe is here, but we used this for the actual cake part cause some of the reviews said the cake was bland.

The Martha Stewart Oreo Cheesecake recipe was nowhere to be found on her site! So here is is on 52 Cupcakes.


It's tough to say which one was better!!! These were so-o-o-o good!

They were both delicious. You got me Dan!

Even with the humidity and sweating, we enjoyed the cheese cake/oreo cookie treat. The peanut butter chocolate cupcake was a pure pleasure and a wonderful way to end lunch. We will release your mother... her ransom has been paid in full.

YUMMY!!!!! Those look absolutely delicious!!!! All of your pictures just made my mouth water!!! Thank you for sharing your recipe!! I will definitely try these out!! =]

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