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May 2010 Archives

Battle Burger


Did everyone have a nice long weekend? I know the contestants in battle burger did, because every burger looks fantastic! I have no idea who to vote for. Regularly scheduled programming resumes tomorrow, I have some awesome dishes to show you guys.

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Avocado Pasta Salad


I love pasta salad!!! Bring a pasta salad anywhere and you will be loved. Serious. This pasta salad uses avocado in the dressing. It was kinda weird, but came out great. Actually, I once said that avocado is a terrible combo with pasta. I mentioned that last year when I did a whole week dedicated to pasta salad! Check it out for this holiday weekend, there is 10 plus pasta salad recipes over there!

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Fried Dough Mozzarella Bites


These weren't as crazy amazing(cramazing?) as they look and sound, but they were still very good. They definitely need a few tweaks though to become a perfect recipe. The main issue which I knew might be a problem from the start is that the cheese explodes out of the dough well before the dough is finished cooking. Not really a huge issue because the burnt cheese tastes great, but I have a few different ideas to make these a bit more awesome next time I make them. Until then though, these guys weren't too shabby at all. They got snatched up pretty fast the night I made them!

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Green Barley Risotto


Green Mac and Cheese is one of my most popular recipes ever. This is a similar idea, but with risotto. To get it as green as possible, I wanted to be sure that there was a green element in the risotto cooking liquid. My plan was to go to the store and just grab my favorite green ingredients! I couldn't turn up some beautiful tomatillos, one of my favorite ingredients green or otherwise, so from there this sort of turned into a mexitalian hybrid meal.

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Indian-BBQ Brisket with Raita-Coleslaw and Grilled Naan


This is the last of my meats from the U.S. Wellness Meats sample pack, and I saved the best for last. This recipe blew my mind! Once I thought of mixing indian spices into a BBQ sauce, the raita coleslaw came naturally. To serve it on naan was another obvious choice. The spices blended perfectly and the final outcome made this recipe a keeper for life. I am taking Thursday and Friday off this week, so hopefully this amazing recipe will hold everyone over. See ya next week!

Olive Tuna Burgers with Parsnip Fries


Last time I cooked tuna burgers, they had sort of an Asian influence. This time they were inspired by Italian flavors, like a puttanesca with tuna. I LOVE tuna burgers, and I don't make them enough! I thought of this recipe at the farmers market because Berkshire Mountain Bakery had some awesome olive ciabatta. The tuna went perfectly with the rolls. It also went perfectly with some parsnip fries I made in the oven.

Sundried Tomato and Herb Biscotti

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Do you guys like biscotti? I have hated it since I was very young! Why all the hate Dan? I mean, you could easily be indifferent, but hate? Well growing up in an Italian family, one of my earliest memories was sitting in a kitchen in my Great Aunts house enjoying a glass of milk. "Would you like some cookies?" my aunt asked. Cookies??? YES I would like some cookies! I'm 5 years old! But the cookies she spoke of were biscotti. Dry, brittle, not very sweet, this is not a cookie to a 5 year old kid. Biscotti has brought back bad memories ever since that day. For some reason on Saturday morning, hungover watching food network, I saw Giada making savory biscotti and I thought "Me want". I made them that afternoon. Did they take away bad memories of biscotti forever? No. Have they slowly been disappearing from the counter all week? Yes.

Broccoli Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes


My blogger rival Macheesmo is feeling very charitable, donating one dollar to clean-up efforts in Nashville for every comment on this post from Saturday. I feel the need to tell you guys this because he is willing to donate up to 200 bucks, but at the time of this posting, he only has 60 comments! I need all of you guys to help out and make sure that he has to spend every last dollar! He IS my rival after all! Head over to macheesmo and make a comment. Now how about this delicious potato? I made these awhile back for a party I catered but never had the chance to get them up on the site.  I cooked them again this past Saturday and they were just as awesome.

Cilantro Stem Slaw


I have been craving fish tacos for awhile, and Cinco de Mayo this wednsday was the perfect opportunity to make them. I wasnt even going to post them cause I have made them before, but at the last minute I had the idea to make this slaw out of cilantro stems for a topping. When you make fish tacos you need a crunch on top. Last time I used radish and cilantro, but this time I realized a slaw of cabbage and cilantro stems bound together by avocado might be the perfect touch.

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Farmer Dan is Back


It's that time of the year again! Time for me to use that awful graphic to the left. This is the third year in a row where I have had a vegetable garden. I feel like a seasoned pro. Back in Bermuda, we could plant whenever we felt like it. Here in new england I wanted to plant a week and a half ago. It was beautiful for about 3 weeks and I thought it would be fine. Then it dropped to 30 degrees out of nowhere, and went back to 75 the next day. I guess I forgot about Spring in New England! The plants finally went into the ground yesterday and I am pretty comfortable that the weather will cooperate. There are a few things nice about not gardening in Bermuda though. Here I can put things in the ground(instead of containers) and have way more plants. Also there is better selection at the store here. I have a bunch of plants that I have never grown before! Including heirloom tomatoes, celery, and scallions! Click through to see the plants.

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Pear Sangria


More from the family party this weekend. My mom wanted to make a cocktail but she wanted it to be kinda light and fun and springy. We both decided that sangria would be a good fit. Not the more heavy red sangria, but a lighter white sangria cut with soda water. She didn't trust me to just throw a bunch of awesome into a punch bowl, especially after spending lots of cash at the liquor store, so we followed a Rachael Ray recipe.

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2 Cupcake Recipes


We had a family gathering at my parents house this past weekend, and my mom was making 2 different cupcake recipes for dessert. I was glad to help out and get a free post out of the deal. One of these recipes is a mini peanut butter cupcake from food network magazine, and the other is an oreo cheesecake cupcake from Martha Stewart. Both the recipes were huge hits at the party. They were fairly easy and soo good!  Unrelated reminder: Battle Peas and Ginger is up on Foodie Fights!

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