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The Food on my Chin?


After posting yesterday, I got a few angry emails saying that my beard was "getting out of control" and "disgusting" and "going to become sentient if I don't stop it soon." I live for my fans, so I cut it off. All for you guys! Or for a job fair, either one.

Ugh, way too many pictures of myself!


Hello, I've been reading your blog for at least a year now, and when I saw today's post my heart dropped. That beard was rad! I understand though, as I just cut off all my hair and shaved my mustache and burns. It feels good, but I miss it too... I'm sure you understand. Anyway keep up the cooking, its always good to see somebody so passionate about something.

I agree, the beard was awesome and very neat, not scruffy at all!

So sad the beard's gone.

My entire worldview has just been shattered. I always described your blog to people as a "guy with a great big bushy beard, who also cooks awesome food." Now I guess you are just an ordinary guy who cooks awesome food. It will have to do. I guess.

Aww! The beard's gone, but I like the new look! And btw... good job on the Wellness Meats Chef of the Month!

Wow. You took a lot of years off with that razor. You might get carded now.

Thank God Grizzly Adams is gone. I like the beard but it was a bit out of control. You look like a different person.

The equality sticker makes me think Beard or No Beard = still all good (though you do look much better/older with the beard in that grilling picture)
Like you wrote, it's easy to grow back...

d'awwwwwwwww! so cute.

although i'll always be a fan of the beard.

Good post- I'm on spring break and shaving hasn't been on top of the list- the only problem is mine comes in gray! I'll say this-you blew any chance of playing Abraham Lincoln at the local theatre by shaving!

Wow, haven't seen this Dan in forever! You look so handsome... ;-)

TBH, the beard was cool and all, but I kind of like the smooth face :) lookin' good!

good luck at the job fairs :)

The beard was awesome, but you look damn sexy without it too!

Oh man, I can't believe you gave up the good fight! The beard's a classic. Seriously, sneak in a goatee, don't let the beard haters keep you down!

I can't believe the beard is gone. I've had mine for nearly 4 years now, and I don't intend to let it go. You, my friend, need to visit The Beardly. It's quite inspirational.

Also, your beard was in no way scruffy, gross or near sentience. Haha.

I'm glad it's not forever. I'm a facial hair kind of gal myself. Especially if the man behind the hair can cook too!


NOOOOO!!! I can't believe you did that! I ask you this, of all the emails you received that used such vile adjectives to describe your beard, were any of these people bearded? No sir, I would bet that they were not.

As a bearded man, it is my opinion that you have just committed beardicide. Society will constantly pressure you to go beardless. Society wants you to scrape your face on a daily basis so that you fit in with their opinion of what you should look like.

Grow your beard, sir, and grow it proudly. Anyone who does not appreciate your incredible and manly beard does not deserve your respect. Man does not grow a beard. The beard grows the man.

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