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Peanut-Coconut Shrimp Soup

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This soup was almost a failure. I have made soup with similar flavors before, and on a cold day last week I decided to add peanuts and shrimp to make it a more substantial meal. The flavors came out exactly as planed, but there was 2 main issues with the soup that made it hard to eat. First off, I got lazy and instead of cooking the starchy rice noodles in a hot water bath before adding, I just dumped them into the soup. This made the whole thing goopy and it almost looked like worm soup! Second, I got lazy and didnt take the tails off the shrimp. This caused you to have to eat really cautiously as some of the tails fell off into the soup. The flavors were still on point, so everyone had seconds, but the look of the soup caused a "Is this April Fools?" comment.

These are some of my favorite harder to find ingredients, Lime leaves being the tastiest and absolute hardest for me to get my hands on!

Simmer this in chicken stock for a while to coax out the flavors

A quick paste to add flavor to the soup.

After the stock is strained in and coconut milk is added, in go the peanuts.  Boiled peanuts taste so different than roasted ones.

Bok Choy in the mix. You can use whatever veggies you feel like using. Clean out the fridge!

Here is where I got real weird with it. Lazyness. I really should have known the noodles would starch up the soup, but I just wasnt thinking.

See the wormies?

Cilantro and sambol on top. At least it still tasted amazing!

I basically just made this soup, adding peanuts to the paste, then adding whole raw peanuts to boil in the broth, then adding raw shrimp at the very end to poach.

1 Comment

Mmmmm, tapeworm soup. Instant weight loss!

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