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Coconut Crusted Pork with Grilled Pineapple

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Or Pina Colada pork I guess? I bought this coconut to make icecream (recipe later this week), but I never ended up using it. I had a pork loin and a pineapple laying around too, and the combo just made sense to me. The real question was, how to stick the coconut to the pork. Reminder to everyone, battle 1 is announced over on Foodie Fights!

Need help opening a coconut? Check here.

Looks like cheese, but it is coconut.

This is for a glaze to help the coconut stick to the pork.

The glaze was only kinda sticky, but it worked.

Toasting the coconut in the oven.

I did this part on the grill, but you could do it in a pan.

The seared glazed pork. I forgot to take a picture of me placing this on the coconut to coat it.

The rest of the meal.

The pork came out great! After all the cooking, the coconut lost its gritty texture and just added a nice flavor and crunch.

Shred coconut (or buy shredded).

Food process some pineapple, splash of orange juice, and sprinkle of shredded coconut. Put in a pot and add 3 tablespoons agave. simmer until a little sticky.

Toast the rest of the coconut till light brown. Salt, pepper, cumin, chile on pork. Sear pork, glaze with above glaze, coat in coconut, put in the oven at 350 until thermometer says 155. remove and let sit 10 min. slice and serve over grilled pineapple pieces.

1 Comment

Looks delicious, I also have those Guy Fieri knives and surprisingly like their functionality, wish i could say the same about the appearance. just so you know the 6th picture of the before and after toasted coconut, the caption says
"toasting pineapple".

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