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April 2010 Archives

Kaffir Lime Leaf Ice Cream


For some reason, I have always thought lime leaf would taste nice in ice cream. The problem is that lime leaf is my number 1 hard to find ingredient. I feel like I am always looking for it! You guys don't know how many more lime leaf recipes would be on here if they were more readily available. The answer is a ton more. This guy at the Asian market here knows me as the lime leaf guy. I'm pretty sure that after I asked him for them about 20 times he finally started ordering them just for me.

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I'm killing it with all this hilarious quesadilla wordplay. My friend Steph is a quesadilla fan, but she didn't seem to know it. We were all out at lunch, and John said to the waitress "she will have a quesadilla" pointing at Steph. Steph replied "what are you talking about?" "You love quesadillas!" John and I both yelled back. Then John started listing off places we eat together. "Taco Bell, boom! Quesadilla. Bueno y Sano, boom! Quesadilla" Then I realized I have only made one quesadilla in the whole history of this website. We got together to make a couple last week. The other one we made, I posted earlier. This one, I got the ques-idea (I'm here all night folks) from the recent popular trend of Asian tacos. The other people I was with liked the cobbadilla better, but my favorite was the koreadilla.

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Coconut Crusted Pork with Grilled Pineapple

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Or Pina Colada pork I guess? I bought this coconut to make icecream (recipe later this week), but I never ended up using it. I had a pork loin and a pineapple laying around too, and the combo just made sense to me. The real question was, how to stick the coconut to the pork. Reminder to everyone, battle 1 is announced over on Foodie Fights!

Scungilli (Conch) Salad


I was checking out a new market here in Western MA, when I was shocked to see conch in with the rest of the fresh fish. My mom mentioned that my grandmother used to make a salad out of conch, so I decided to grab it and try and make it myself. The issue was that my grandmother hasn't made it in years. She couldn't remember or even find the recipe! She told me a few ingredients, and I looked online a bit, to create something that my mom claimed to be "absolutely nothing like my grandmothers version." This didn't matter, because it was delicious. I love when 3 out of 4 people have never even tried the main ingredient, but everyone likes the final product.

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Bacon Pineapple Jalapeno Margaritas


Bacon, pineapple and jalapeno. This flavor combo was introduced to me by Rich and Kim as a pizza topping, and quickly became one of my favorite tastes. I have since made countless pizzas, and even ravioli and wontons with it. When Steph had the idea to make a drink out of it, I was excited, but still had to figure out how to put bacon in a drink. Should we just drop a piece of bacon on top? Muddle bacon with limes? The answer was bacon salt.



Downtime is awesome! No, it sucks real bad. Sorry guys. I have been working on something I want to show you next week, but it has been messing with my cooking, posting, and even website uptime, as seen yesterday from 3pm till midnight. Everything will be better soon.  Anyways, today I want to show you a quesadilla I made yesterday. I made this with the standard ingredients of a cobb salad. We actually made 2 quesadillas that day, so I am saving my 'dilla story till I post the other one next week.

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Wallpapers: Part 8


It has been FOREVER since I posted new wallpapers!  6 months ago I posted cellphone sized ones of my greatest hits, but it was almost a whole year since the last true new ones.  I really like making them, but only do when I have nice enough pictures.  I think my images have been picking up lately now that the sun is out a bit later, so there might be more soon. Check out the wallpaper archives to see the massive collection!

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Semifreddo Ice Cream Cake


I don't really have a story for this dessert like I usually do, I have been traveling and sleeping on couches for almost 3 weeks now and I am exhausted. I have been cooking, going to job fairs and trying to find work, but mostly having a good time. I am heading back home soon, but not before hitting up a Red Sox game tonight, and possibly the Boston Marathon on Monday. Speaking of Monday, it is a holiday in Massachusetts, and a holiday on this blog, so I will probably not be posting. So what about this cake? It was crazy good. It combines 2 things I have been wanting to make for awhile, an icecream cake, and semifreddo.

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Chile-Basil Beef


The first Thai meal I have ever eaten. I don't know if it is even very authentic Thai, but they have a variation at most places. It was about 3 years ago at a place called Silk in Bermuda. I had just started my job, and some co-workers wanted to take me to lunch. "Do you like Thai?" she asked. "Uh... sure?" I said, half wanting to fit in at my new job, and half curious to try a new type of food. When we got there, I wasn't sure about the menu. Lots of curry, and this was before I even liked Indian food so just the word made me nervous. Beef Chile Basil... I can do that, I like basil and like a little heat in my food. I casually ignored the 3 little chile pepper signs next to the menu item. I was yet to be introduced to the world of southeast Asian spice, the hottest dish at any italian, mexican or even wing place had never phased me. 10 Minutes later I was in the bathroom blowing my nose and checking if the sweat was cutting through my work cloths. I had just met these people, this was almost a first impression with my co-workers. They would never want to go out to lunch with me again! Red faced and profusely sweating, a smart man would stop and take half of the meal home, but here is the thing, it was so damn good! I couldnt stop eating it. The sweet-spicy mixed so well with the basil and beef. This quickly became my favorite restaurant on the island, and though I have moved on to bigger and better Thai dishes, I still have a soft spot for delicious beef chile basil.  Oh yea, and my co-workers still liked me after.

Just like this was a beginner Thai meal for me at silk, it should be a beginner Thai meal for you to cook at home! This version is much less spicy. Also, it uses crushed pepper flakes (that everyone has at home) instead of the dried chiles that are a little harder to find. The only exotic ingredients are Thai basil and a tiny bit of fish sauce, but if you cheat with regular basil and soy sauce, I wont tell anyone.

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Simple Beef Kebabs with Cous Cous

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I was in New York this weekend staying with a friend who recently moved into a new apartment. He is lucky enough to have a backyard in Manhattan, and just bought a very nice grill. He wanted me to come down and show him a few recipes to make his grill purchase more worth it. He specifically requested that I use the grills side-burner since they paid extra for it but hadn't used it yet. I came up with a few ideas, but we partied way too much were so busy I only had time to make one of the recipes.

I have made kebabs before, and I specifically stood up for the method of placing a bunch of different stuff on your kebabs. I still stand by that method as my favorite way to make kebabs, but I like variety in my life, so I can make them this way too.

Carnitas Mac and Cheese


Mac and cheese again? Ugh, I told you guys last time, I love it sooo much! When I get on a kick of something, I can't be stopped. This idea wasn't even mine. Rich said "What about carnitas like from chipotle, but like in a mac and cheese." "Say no more" I said, and we made it a few days later.

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Peanut-Coconut Shrimp Soup

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This soup was almost a failure. I have made soup with similar flavors before, and on a cold day last week I decided to add peanuts and shrimp to make it a more substantial meal. The flavors came out exactly as planed, but there was 2 main issues with the soup that made it hard to eat. First off, I got lazy and instead of cooking the starchy rice noodles in a hot water bath before adding, I just dumped them into the soup. This made the whole thing goopy and it almost looked like worm soup! Second, I got lazy and didnt take the tails off the shrimp. This caused you to have to eat really cautiously as some of the tails fell off into the soup. The flavors were still on point, so everyone had seconds, but the look of the soup caused a "Is this April Fools?" comment.

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Cannoli Sundae with Ricotta Ice Cream


Growing up, my sister was always a huge fan of cannoli. I remember my grandfather buying a dozen for special occasions, but only allowing people to eat 6, reserving 6 for Allie. I have been excited to try my hand in ice cream making again. In Bermuda, the conditions weren't right and my kitchen aid mixer ice cream maker attachment failed more often than it succeeded. I recently acquired a cheap ice cream maker that uses ice instead of sticking the whole bowl in the freezer, which I personally prefer and I think does a much better job. Ricotta ice cream has been on my list for awhile and a cannoli sundae was the perfect excuse to make it.