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Two Brownie Recipes


On Friday I mentioned my gluten free friend and the Dosas we made last week. I also brought some gluten free brownies with me that night. This black bean brownie recipe has made the rounds on the web, including an appearance in a foodie fight battle! (P.S. foodie fight fans, we are working hard on 2.0, and hope to have a battle in march at some point.) It basically uses the beans to bind the brownies instead of flour. I thought they came out dense, fudgy and delicious, but my mom and sister were not fans. The goat cheese brownies idea came from an episode of throwdown. Two women from Vermont made them, they looked amazing and have been stuck in my head ever since! The recipe was not on the food network site, so I used Bobbys brownie recipe from that episode and made my own filling.

The cheese filling was way thinner than I expected, so I was really careful when adding the top brownie layer.

You need to chill these down before cutting them or they will fall apart. The key to these brownies is under-cooking them so they are moist and fudgey.

Chocolate for the black bean brownies.

So weird. But good!

This had a nice consistency.

This is just some eggs and sugar. It is in the recipe on 101 cookbooks, but not in her picture.

I really liked these brownies, and so did Sarah and Steph, but my mom and sister hated them!

Sarah taking her brownies home.

Everyone in the food network recipe review says to double the cooking time on the brownie recipe. He says 23 to 25 and specifically says not to overcook them. I did about 30 minutes and I was fine, just refrigerate them before cutting if you want clean slices. Again, I used this recipe for the brownie. For the filling I just mixed 16 oz chevre with 2 eggs and 1/4 cup sugar.

The black bean brownies are from 101 cookbooks.


Why did your mom and sister hate them? I've never tried them, but they seem really popular on Heidi's site.

The goat cheese variation is really similar to ones I've made, but with cream cheese instead. Kind of like cheesecake inside brownies. That, along with a HORRIBLE idea for peanut butter brownies, came off a Pillsbury box. Lesson learned: I like my brownies unadulterated.

The reason I didn't like the brownies was the texture. It was kind of grainy. The taste was ok, but the way they felt in your mouth was odd. I have yet to taste the goat cheese brownies, but Dan saved me one. Mydaughter thought they were great.

I love goat cheese but never thought of putting it in brownies.

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