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Spinach Artichoke Bites


In Friday's recipe, my sister and I turned meatballs into a dip. What would you serve with a ball that was turned into a dip? A dip turned into a ball of course! I made soup with spinach and artichokes a few weeks back, but this was sorta like the opposite. I had to keep it dry so that I could form balls that wouldn't fall apart while frying. I sort of succeeded. These bites tasted amazing, but were a bit finicky to work with. With a few adjustments this would be an amazing appetizer.

I used jarred artichokes this time. Strain all the oil, and also squeeze the moisture from the frozen spinach. We want it dry remember? You don't want to fully puree this, keep a little bit of texture.

For breading, I used parmesan cheese and tortilla chips. The flavors were perfect because parm is often broiled on top of this dip, and it is usually served with tortilla chips.

The pureed mixture with some jack cheese.

As I said, these were a bit tough to work with. They were slightly too moist. I kept them small and probably should have crunched the chips a little more.

So tasty!

I had a few failures along the way as you can see by the chunks floating in the oil.

Food process strained and dried artichokes, dried frozen spinach, a spoon of mayo, a clove of garlic, and some jack cheese. Don't puree, keep it slightly chunky. Roll into balls and coat in parm and crushed tortilla chips. Deep fry for 2 minutes. Honestly if you make sure to strain and dry the spinach and artichokes really well, this recipe might work. I added a bit of the oil from the artichokes and didn't strain the spinach that well and that could have been my main failure. They just needed to be slightly drier!


Those look yummy. I wonder if, in addition to your tweaks, adding an egg to the mix and baking instead of frying might work better. I'd say I'm going to try them, but my food ambitions are way lower than yours, so you should totally try them again.

My very first thought when you said they fell apart a little was that hey! they need an egg! But I see I have been beaten to the punch. I'd treat them like meatless meatballs - add an egg and some breadcrumbs before you roll them in chips + parm, and I bet they'd hold up just fine. Plus, they look darn tasty.

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