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On Burgers...


Before I start my burger rant, Happy St Patrick's day to everyone! Hopefully you have some tasty green beer and corned beef and cabbage today. And how about that Daylight Savings you guys? So awesome. The image quality on the website improves vastly when it is light out during dinner. What else does daylight savings mean? I think that it is officially the start of burger season! MMM burgers. I miss thee. I wanted to take a minute to talk about burgers before the season starts so I don't have to mini-rant every time I make one, I can just link this post.

There is a rift forming among burger cooks across the country. To stuff, or not to stuff? The snobbier classier group, led by burger master Bobby Flay, says to never stuff a burger. Don't even mix in salt! Form the patty with minimal disturbance to the beef, make a salt and pepper crust, and cook to a perfect medium. Super tasty!

The Build a Better Burger group, led by Rachael Ray, says burgers are better with ingredients IN the patty. They crank out burgers filled with onions, garlic, cumin, spices, cheeses, and anything else under the sun. Mmmmm!

So why is there a rift? I guess people just like to fight. I like burgers both ways. Any way really! Generally my rule is if I buy normal beef at the grocery store, and I am in the mood to play with my burgers, I will add some ingredients into the patty. I try and cut it off at a few things to keep it from getting too meatloaf-y. If I get some perticularly nice meat, make a blend, or grind my own, be sure that there will be nothing but beef in that burger patty.

I have been coming up with a burger recipe in my head all day. I have all the ingredients in mind, but I haven't decided if I am going to put some in the patty or not. By the time you are reading this, I will probably be enjoying the burger with a mixed drink in the 60 degree sunny weather. Come back tomorrow to find out if I stuffed the burger!

I leave you with some of my past burger recipes.
Huge Burger
Taco Burger
Red Curry Burger
Buffalo Turkey Burger
Tuna Burger

Cuban Burger
Caprese Burger

Do you guys have a stance on stuffing burgers?


I'm glad you like burgers both ways. I'd hate to have to stop reading the blog because you and my homegirl RR don't see eye to eye.

I feel very strongly that you should always mix your seasonings into the meat but I only use salt, pepper and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

I agree with you Beardman. Either way works for me. I've sauteed onions and garlic and stuffed the burgers and had good results. Sometimes a slice of fresh onion works and occasionally some cheese in the middle. My favorite toppings-bacon & cheese.

I love burgers both ways, for stuffed I always put finely chopped fresh onion and jalapeƱo with fat removed chopped bacon, chipotle sauce and some dry spices like garlic and make them big about 250 to 300gr each. For the non-stuffed I usually get some Rib-eye and Sirloin, mix them together in a kind of chunky way and only salt goes to those paddies. Both burgers are better grilled I love the smokiness of the charcoals.

I can go either way, but I do think that the BEST burger is the way Bobby does it. Really great beef which minimal disturbance and perfect cooking.

It's not like I wouldn't eat a filled burger. In fact, I've definitely made them, but if I had a perfectly cooked version of each, I'd take the classic thanks.

Hey, Beard - I grew up in St. Paul, MN and the juicy lucy wars were always famous (as seen on Man Vs Food) and I have to say I love a cheese stuffed burger. Perhaps its my regional bias, but definitely a fan of stuffed. Keep up the good work.

I too, am from Minnesota. I even played kickball for Matt's bar - the home of the jucy lucy (Fear the Cheese!).

I think a burger should always have something mixed in. If I want to savor the flavor of beef, I'd find a steak!

Well, I don't eat beef much anymore (I was in the UK when mad cow hit, and trust me, if you were there you would not eat it either...)

I had a friend in college, Tim, who always stuffed the burger, and it was new to me. I thought it was kind of cool, but a little strange. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed burgers when Tim made them. When I made them, not so much. It tasted like my mother's meatloaf shaped as a burger and grilled. Don't get me wrong, I love a good meatloaf sandwich... The thing with it was that if you had a guest who hated ingredient X, you could not give them a burger. So it puts more pressure on you as the cook to know ahead of time everyone's likes and dislikes.

I think Bobby Flay is kind of fetishizing the burger. I don't buy into his approach at all. It reminds me of those gardeners who do not turn over the soil and add compost. There is a level of purity that I think is sort of silly and counter-productive.

So, bottom line for me is do what you want that will delight your guests the most. If you want to make a stuffed burger, go for it (but set aside some vanilla burgers for your timid/picky friends).



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