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Knife Review


I was recently asked to review these "Knuckle Sandwich" knives for Guy Fieri. It was a tough decision for me, because on the one hand, I am not the biggest Guy Fieri fan, and my blog isn't usually filled with product placement and equipment reviews. As my friend George Costanza once said, "This is the Blog, and we're NOT going to change it!" ...or something like that. But on the other hand, I make almost no money off this website, buy a lot of expensive ingredients, and spend a ton of time writing up my posts. My Mom desperately needed new knives, and I have been abusing her kitchen a lot lately, so I figured why not? One last question I asked of the people sending the knives, "Can I trash them in the review? Does the review have to be favorable?"  I had seen the commercial for the knives and they looked atrocious. Who is the target market on these things? (If there is one thing I want in a knife, it is goofy flame cartoons.) Nope, she said. You can write whatever you want!

What an exciting time it must be for Guy. A few years ago he was just a dude with a couple restaurants out in California, now he hosts like 6 shows, has a line of knives and sunglasses(what?), an endorsement deal with TGI Fridays, and come next week, he will be the host of NBC's new show "Minute to Win It."   NBC! I give Guy crap from time to time on the site, as do most other Internet food people, but you have to admit he has done well for himself. My dirty secret that I didn't even want to admit here is that I sometimes watch Triple D. Guy acts like a normal person on that show (unlike how he acts on his other shows), and he pretty much has the best job ever.

So what about the knives? Well, I wanted to bash them, I really did, but other than the look (and the name), these knives are great. Let me reiterate, I really HATE the way they look. But yea, other than that, they work perfectly. I will tell you about some features as I show the pictures.

Above is my Henckels knife, which I love.  Below is the "Knuckle Sandwich Guy Fieri knife." Note the unappealing graphics. But more importantly, note the curvature differences of these knives.

Guy's knives are nice and heavy and feel nice in your hand. I grip most knives the way I am gripping the above knife, with the "pinch" method. The curvature and angles of the handle of Guy's knife allow you to hold it in a better way but still have control.

A sharp point allows cuts like this.

This is my favorite feature. I thought it was a gimmick at first, but I found myself using it a bunch! I smashed some garlic and ginger into a paste with it.

But more importantly, I Ripped through these cardamom pods with the greatest of ease.

I also got this knife which I have nothing to say about. I don't think I would ever use a knife shaped like this for any reason whatsoever.  What would you guys use this knife for?

So what's the verdict? I don't know really. I DO know I will be sticking with the knives I have had for awhile, and my mom will be keeping these "knuckle sandwich" knives. I really did enjoy cutting with them, but like mine slightly better, and don't like these graphics at all. But the graphics are a subjective thing, and GET THIS: my mom actually LIKES the way they look!  She says: "All knives look the same and are so boring, these have some style." 


I can't see the tip too clearly but I'm thinking the mystery knife might be a bread or cheese knife.

If so, I like the way the handle sits up a bit so you can cut right through to the board without busting your knuckles on something.

I think they look kinda cool. I don't watch Guy a lot, but he doesn't grate on my nerves, like say Martha Stewart, who I wouldn't watch if they paid me. I agree with Ted, my first thought on the mystery knife was a bread knife.

I want to say thanks to Guy, I love them, they have a nice heavy feel and are not boring. Every other knife looks pretty much the same, and the handles get dried out looking after a while. Unlike Dan I have been using the second knife quite a bit. It has been the go to knife for making sandwiches (I make 3 most most mornings). It does a great job on tomatoes, and the forked end is good for getting things out of jars, pickles, olives, etc. I think it kind of fits the casual style Guy presents. Thanks again Guy.

Nice review, Dan. And the photo shots with the cardamom tip are awesome. I'm surprised you don't like the flame-styling of the knife! It's actually one of my favorite parts aside from the ergonomic nature of the knife. I'm using these every night myself after switching from a taller Chinese style knife, and enjoy using them a lot. Making a sour cream apple pie the other night was a breeze, and I was able to get through five apples, slicing ever-so-thinly in no time and with no hand stiffness. Usually, after one or two, I start to feel it a bit because I have a tendency to grip the knife too tightly. The design of these knifes seems to help a lot in that sense.

I don't use the utility knife that often, but since I'm a baker, I do use it when I'm cutting through bread. It's a joy with even the crustiest baguette, and doesn't *smoosh* anything like my other knife would.

Anyway, that's my take. And, nice beard!


I'm with your mom- I'm digging the looks of those knives!

I have this knife (just the knife, not the cheese/bread knife) although your right the flames on the silver part of the knife are pretty lame, the rest of it, like the red/black part looks pretty rad to me! I absolutely love the knife the curve on it makes it feels very natural in my hand. The only other knife I personally have is a Global to compare it to, so I would say if you have the extra cash go ahead and get it. Guy can be pretty annoying from time to time but whatevs, eating around the country looks pretty awesome.

Nice review Dan. The second knife is indeed a sandwich knife with a forked tip for tomatoes. The idea is that you build your sandwich up, and a normal knife will sometimes ruin your creation while cutting them. The offset knife allows you to cut through that sandwich, leaving it intact.

I agree with Mom on everything. I have been using Cutco knives since college (just like Mom too) so I am now really interested in these.

I think the 2nd knife is a knife used for butterflying and fileting. I could be completely wrong though!

The second knife looks like a cross between a bread knife and a carving knife. The points make it look like a weapon. Who knows.

I've heard the scooped ridges made popular by santoku knives (if I got that right) are just a gimmick. They don't really help anything. They just make the knives look cool and don't really help do anything.

Hey Dan,

I use the knuckle over the bolster technique gripping the blade with my forefinger and thumb. I've never used a blade with a curved spine. Do you think Guy's knife design would be just as comfortable/efficient with this technique?

Wow. Those are some impressive knives. I may buy a set.

The 2nd knife is quite simple if you look it up on his site!!
This Utility knife has a serrated edge and fork prongs for picking up food. Great for cutting, Fruits, Tomato's, bread, sandwiches, and cheese. See the knife in action on Guy Fieri's Food Network show Guy's Big Bite.

The little grooves or ridges help keep veggies, cheese, from sticking to the knife and makes it easier to get off the knife. Onions, potatos and cucumbers for instance always stick to the knife while slicing. Not so much with the grooves.

The knives are available in a very traditional look as well. And from a chef's point of view, they are among the best I have ever used, both in their utility and their ergonomic design. And oh yeah, they are about 30% of the cost of so called "chef knives" that are a lessor product. Just one chef's opinion.

I bought the knuckle sandwich and paring knife for my dad as a Christmas present. He has turned into a great chef in his old age and so far the thing he says is "yea they cut pretty good" Which is a lot from him. I keep being drawn to them for my new set because if I am going to spend a lot of money on something I want them to stand out and say hello. (It may be a newly divorced thing put what can I say I am tired of boring) Most don't like the design, but being from Texas my whole family said "I want some of those" when he unwrapped them.

After all my research I am starting to find that knives are kind of like life. After you get the basics: a good forged knife with a tang that goes through the handle. The main lesson is "If you don't sharpen it every once in awhile it going to get dull."

Hiya. The knife you don't recognize is a tomato knife. It's an unnecessary knife, because any good knife with a proper edge, or a decent bread knife, will cut a tomato. They exist because most people don't buy good knives or obtain & keep a proper edge on them. The serrated edge compensates for the cheap steel and dull edge. If you were into knives you'd know what it was. But then, if you were into knives, you wouldn't own Henckels products or use a plastic cutting board, and you'd be qualified to review knives. But thanks for your opinion of the look of the knife and the way it feels in your hand. Most people will appreciate that info. Because most people aren't into knives.


Dang, Binkie is a d1ck! I appreciate your review of these knives. I myself am not a fan of the "flash" but it wouldn't matter if they were pink with roses on them as long as they feel good when cutting, which these do. I use the 2nd knife more for sandwich items. The chef's knife could be a little heavier in my opinion, but that's about the only negative feedback I have about them. They are comparable to the expensive knives at a much lower cost. I'll be curious to see what their longevity will be. I've had the same Henckles for around 14 years and they're still going strong (although a bit roughed up). Unlike Binkie who must be far superiour in his/her knife and cooking skills, the rest of us will certainly like these knives (and plastic cutting boards).

You sir, are an idiot.The knives are wonderful, feel great in the hand, and besides the red. Look gorgeous! The subtle sound effect of just a finger sliding across the smooth area above the grooves whisper bliss, perfection.Your BLOG is merely a ranting brat, jealous of something you'll never attain. Respect. These knives, so to speak... Are dynamite!

When chopping veggies with these knives, I had this burning desire to slip on a couple wrist bands, put sunglasses backwards on my head and search for gimmicky rhymes. I too have a Hotel Management degree but it doesn't make me a chef either and I refuse to change my last name to make people think I'm Italian. What a douche...

For someone who seems to know something about food and cooking it's amazing how much of an ass you are. The second knife is obviously a bread knive. What do you think it is a shovel

I appreciate the review. I'm split on the look of his knives and it seems that he now has several different lines available to suit different tastes, but all of them are a flashier than your typical knives. I've seen some Fieri knives available at big discounts so I'll probably buy a few to fill in the gaps of my existing collection. Will probably get the utility knife with the forked end just to see the reaction I'll get from my kids the first time I use it to make them a sandwich. As a fairly advanced home cook (can't quite call myself a chef) I'd say the most important thing anyone with knives needs to remember is to sharpen them! I don't care if you buy a Kitchen Aid knife set from Target or a set of Shun Classics from Williams Sonoma, they all get dull from use and must be sharpened regularly. They make some nice 3-stage electric sharpeners that do a good job. Not exactly the same as the factory edge but really just as good. Good luck to everyone in your search for some fun kitchen tools!

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