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Grilled Blue Corn Crab Cakes


I have never made crab cakes before. When you are trying to come up with a new take on a classic food, it is kind of important to make the original food first! I wanted to grill, and I had crab, so I just ran with it. The problem is that the best crab cakes are mostly crab with minimal amount of filler/binder. In order to grill these guys, I needed to bump up the binder so they wouldn't fall apart on the grill. I had seen blue corn crab cakes, and I happened to have blue cornmeal, so I thought this would be more interesting than a breadcrumby crab cake. In the end, no one was really impressed by these grilled crab cakes. They had a gummy texture and a muddy flavor. A grilled crab cake could be interesting, but this isn't the recipe. I didn't mark this as a failure, because we all ate it and it wasn't terrible or anything. Just not good.

The glue.

Crab meets glue.

These sat for an hour to firm up a bit.

I made a quick garlic lemon aioli. A few leftover peices of scallion and parsley, 2 egg yolks, garlic, and 1/4 cup lemon juice. Process this and slowly stream in olive oil until it is a mayo-y texture.

The crab cakes in a grilling basket. They smelled great at this point!

Some grilled zucchini to go with the crab cakes.

I had to look close to figure out if they were browned because they were already purple.

Meh, whatever.

Better luck next time!


I actually liked these, but I was the only one. Part of the problem I think was the cornmeal texture. They also needed a little crunch which they normally get from pan frying.

great idea though...i would love to experi-mix w/ these.

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