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Last Restaurant Standing: Tea Time

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They came back hard this week with a great episode of Last Restaurant Standing. Raymond's favorite British tradition is Tea Time, so he has the couples cater an upscale tea party. Too bad it was super hot that day and every couple was late. It pretty much turned out to be a disaster. Later on, Ray sent a dinner party to each of the couples restaurants. The groups had special requests that included a cake for dessert! Would the couples redeem themselves after the tea disaster?

First up is JJ and James. How are these guys still here? The good news for them is they actually do well this week! JJ kills front of house at Tea Time, getting a ton of customers to choose their menu. But what is James doing with this pastry dough?

He eventually gives up and they buy all of their cakes (as usual). As I said, it is super hot out. JJ tries to cool off.

You're no Ramsay bro. Anyway, the mini cool off doesn't work because he is soaking with sweat minutes later. At dinner, James is in the fridge the whole time working on the cake. Dinner goes great because the other guys are better off without James in the kitchen. JJ does his best at front of house sucking up to the party giving speeches about how awesome they are. They seem to be eating it up. James is super nervous about the cake cause he cooked it himself. (He can't cook, remember?) Sarah loves the cake and JJ and James high five and celebrate in the kitchen. Oh yea, here is their cake.

Rebecca and Stephen are next. I have literally nothing written on my paper about them. They weren't really in the spotlight this week until the very end of the episode. Stephen says he can make an airplane cake no problem. Then he runs out of time and makes a pretty crappy cake. He is really worried about it, and for good reason, cause it looks awful. This is not enough to send them home though. Here is the airplane cake. Yikes!

Chris and Nathan get off to a bad start this week. Chris fails making some pastries and they are 45 minutes late arriving at the Tea Party. Nathan goes around to take orders, but no one wants their food. Instead of keeping at it, Chris and Nathan just mope and sit around. Tables are getting upset about long waits for food and would probably resort to getting the Chris and Nathan menu, but Nathan doesn't try very hard. Sarah comes to ask about the store bought pastry's, and goes through her entire range of emotions.

Later on, Nathan makes an awesome ski cake.  Relax man! This isn't Ace of Cake Boss.

Daisy and Nadine start the day at the bookstore looking for "Tea for Dummies". You can guess how their tea ended up. Later on at dinner, they have to serve a rugby team who don't want any carbs(but they still want a cake?) Guess what? They get served lots of carbs. Does anyone on this show know what carbs are? Raymond is mostly disappointed about the fact that their theme seems to be completely lost with no Nigerian food being served ever. So even though no one won this week, Daisy and Nadine lost and will be closing their restaurant. You never really get to see their cake, but here is the picture I got of it.

All in all I really enjoyed this episode! Did you guys like it? Or were you all watching Lost?

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I thought it was pretty good, in a train wreck kind of way. I can't get that airplane cake out of my mind. I was embarrassed for the poor guy.

Good job on nailing Sarah's expressions. I absolutely love watching the camera zoom in on one of her 6 looks.

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