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Last Restaurant Standing: Finale


Before we start, I want to mention that there was a lot of internet outrage over the wining couple. Click through, and we can talk about it. Also, did you guys see my interview with Judge Sarah Willingham yesterday?

I have to say that personally I agree with the winners. If you asked me after the first episode, I would have said no way, but JJ and James slowly won me over over the course of the season. It might have been that they "blagerd" me, just like they did to everyone else, but for some reason I found myself rooting for them in this episode. When their souffle didn't work out, and JJ pulled out his cocktail shaker, I felt like "The Final Countdown" should have started playing as we watched them shake their way to victory. I also agree with JJ and James when they were talking just before the final judging. They would have felt defeated if it was a competition to find the best chef, but it is not, Raymond and co are looking for restaurateurs and that is why they still deserved the title.

So you guys can probably tell, I really liked this episode! It had it all, anal front of house instruction from David, a cooking segment with Raymond, biting insults from Sarah, snooty/strict dinner party clients, success, failure, suspense, and comedy! We start with the couples being split up, the cooks going with Raymond, the hosts going with David.

David tells the hosts that they are creating theater. He gives them scripts and teaches how to set the stage. He is VERY specific about the table settings, ironing the tablecloth and measuring every distance between plates, bowls, and silverware on the table.

At service, he teaches them how to write down where each person is sitting so the plates go to the right place. This way you don't have to ask people what they ordered. Then this happens:

David is upset beyond words. He sends Nathan upstairs to his room to think about what he has done. I agree with David on this one because asking what people ordered is my number one annoyance at restaurants!

With Raymond, the cooks learn a fish dish that looks really good:

Scallop mousse stuffed into that zucchini blossom! YUM. Look out for a scallop mousse recipe on TFIMB soon. Anyway, As he is teaching this, JJ surprisingly is answering a lot of Raymond's questions better than Chris. In the end, Chris's sauce is burned, but the fish is amazing. JJ's sauce is good, but fish is overcooked.

Diner time. The couples are catering a dinner party. They sit around for story time to hear the clients requests.

They also learn about the buzzer. When the client rings the buzzer, you better move your ass!

JJ and James start out with some smoked salmon bilinis. As the narrator says, bilinis are supposed to be small so they can be "politely placed in the mouth" Right after this quote we see this montage:

Before I forget, why did they keep showing this dog on the screen? I feel like they showed him like 6 or 7 times.

Anyway, Chris's soup was ok, and scallops were awesome. JJ's risotto was terrible (cooked for 50 minutes and Sarah called it wallpaper paste) but that lucky bastards beef was cooked perfectly. Chris's souffle looked good, and JJ's didn't work. What can we do? asked the host of the party. James asked JJ what the plan was and JJ sprung into action! He pulled out a secret in case of emergency cocktail suitcase and made an egg white blackberry champagne sour. Everyone loved it and retroactively deemed Chris's souffles as "boring"

JJ and James know they didn't cook well, but also know it isn't a competition for cooks. Chris and Nathan think they have it in the bag. In the end JJ and James win for their proof of concept.

What did you guys think? Agree with the internet outrage, or were you slowly charmed by JJ and James the way I was. Let me know! Also next week they are going to talk about last years winners restaurant. I am excited to see that! I asked Sarah how it was doing, but I guess I didn't need to.  I will be watching and enjoying the show, but NOT reviewing it, so you guys need to come up with your own clever remarks!


I thought it was a travesty and bordering on an official issue with BBC compliance, and made an absolute mockery of the show and Blanc and co. You CANNOT tell the contestants to cook a certain item, have one completely fail at it, and then produce something like a fun boozey drink that makes the ORDERED item look boring. That is beyond "not fair" it's fraud. They also screwed up the risotto - 50 MINUTES! That's a pass too apparently, as was the holy cow LUCK of the rare beef. I don't care what YOU think, it is a COOKING show mainly and that's why the overwhelming majority are incensed. Week after week these con-artists got the sous chef to do everything, while the lazy ass just plated-up. No one who watched that finale could have assumed that basically the outcome was pre-ordained, as there is NO way that they won on THAT day, unless you think that serving booze instead of what was dictated by the competition is not only a PASS but a winning move.


So, uh how about that Apolo Ohno? Good speed skater, no?

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