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2 Years of Food in my Beard


This Saturday while ripping apart Sunday River on my new Burton Mayhem (rolling down the mountain in a giant snowball) I realized that that day was the 2 year birthday of The Food in my Beard! How the time has flown you guys, am I right? A lot of sites list their most popular and favorite posts on a day like today, but I did something like that last year, and probably will do it again next year, so I think this year should be the year of my greatest misses. After the jump, I am listing my top 5 worst posts, and a special DVD bonus feature of a meal that was so bad, I never even posted it!  P.S. The second year is the cotton anniversary, so buy a T shirt!

And now I present you with the top 5 worst blog posts in 2 years of The Food in my Beard.

5. Chicken Tikka Masala. I got this recipe from a bad cookbook before I started checking like 20 recipes before making anything. Mandi and I also kept messing up cause we were in a friends kitchen and not familiar with where things were. My first attempt at Indian didn't go so well, but good thing I did not give up!

4. Stuffed Spaghetti Failure. Fun idea, but not good in execution. They tasted fine and all but looked shockingly bad and photographed even worse.

3. Carbonara. I love this post, but others do not. Check out the comments!!! People are mean.

2. Striped Pasta. My first post ever. 3 words. Cell phone camera.

1. Pad Thai. Worst post ever. Million pointless pics, at least 5 fails, and I almost burnt my apartment to the ground.

Now for that bonus feature I was telling you guys about. Do you remember the commercials about a year ago for bread bowls filled with pasta? It might have been dominoes or pizza hut making them. Mandi and I tried to re-create it one night and disaster ensued.

Delicious butter and garlic wrapped in the crust. Going well huh?

How could this be bad?

I will tell you how. Look at the steam coming off this thing. You cant put hot pasta in here. This is my homemade super wet and sticky pizza dough too! The hotness of the pasta is what caused the dough to stick to the peel and thus the major breakdown began.

Slide it right on in there!

Yea right!

Not only was the meal ruined, but so was the oven!

Half burnt, half raw gross dough. Just a big sticky awful mess.

Thanks to everyone who has been coming to this site for the past 2 years, despite the clearly awful food presented today. As long as you keep coming, I will keep cooking!


Congratulations on 2 years :) It has been so fun following your site and your creative recipes. Miss seeing Mandi on the site though. Good luck for 2010!

these made me crack up. good monday morning treat.

happy anniversary!

Ha, this was a great way to start Monday morning! The Carbonara comments are definitely fired up! Congrats on two years, looking forward to year three!

Congrats Dan on your two year anniversary. You put a lot of time and effort into this, and it shows. Keep up the good work.

Dude, Happy Anniversary. Yours was one of the first food blogs I started reading and bookmarked last year. Keep up the good work!!!

Personally I like the "HOOOO DIDDY" comment from the person that was instructing the other commenter how to copy and paste on the carbonara post. . .

Congrats on the 2 years man! That's epic.

Your pad thai post is amazing. So many photos... I thought I was reading a Pioneer Woman post.

Keep up the good work!

Dan, you're a big part of the reason why I am cooking meals for myself with good ingredients and patience, and your blog (and my dumb phone calls/texts...) is how I'm able to do so most of the time. Thanks!
Here's to many more years!

Congrats on 2 years! Thanks for all the awesome posts!

Dan- I've been reading for almost the whole life of this blog- even your "worst" posts are entertaining- and also true to life. Failures happen in the kitchen, and it's nice to know they happen to other people- plus I have loved all your crazy inventions- even the nasty looking stuffed pasta. Keep up the great posts.

Dan - so exciting!!! It's amazing to see how the blog has evolved over the 2 years - can't wait to see what else you have in store for us :) ps, allison & i tried the timpano, i'll have to post some fan photos to the facebook page!

The pad thai post was redeemed with the last photo. "One of things is not like the others. One of things just doesn't belong!"

Hilarious and congrats on 2 years! I didn't think the Cabonara post was that bad either, in fact it made want to go make some...

I just found this blog and I wanted you to know that I loved the carbonara recipe. Yes, people are mean, but no, it doesn't deserve to be on the top 5 fails.

Keep cookin, man.

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