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Tex-Mex Twice Baked Sweet Potato


Yesterday I mentioned catering a party this past weekend. I also made some mini twice baked potatoes for that party, and ever since my brain has been spinning with variations on the twice baked potato. I made these sort of tex mex themed ones and they were a big hit. Expect a few more twice baked potato variations on the site soon!

I couldn't decide between chives and scallions, so I used both.

Keep this slightly chunky, but small enough to fit through the piping tip.

These baked for almost an hour, then I cut them in half and removed the filling.

Potatoes and queso fresco go in with the other stuff.

There was also a splash of milk in there.

A nice wide piping tip so that the chunks could fit through.

Pretty. After this I drizzled the smallest amount of maple syrup on top of each.

After about 25 minutes at 425, they had a nice browned crust.

So good. A little spicy, little sweet, little onion flavor.

3 large sweet potatoes, cleaned and covered with salt pepper and olive oil. Bake until soft, almost an hour.

In a food processor, corn, scallions and/or chives and 2 teaspoons chipotle (I just used the sauce from the can they come packed in), salt and pepper. pulse a few times until small chunks. Cut the potatoes in half and add the insides of the potatoes to the food processor, keeping the skins intact. Add a half cup of crumbley fresh cheese like ricotta salata or queso fresco. Add some milk, like 1/4 cup. Pulse a few more times until it is all mixed. Add to a pastry bag and pipe into the potato skins. Drizzle some mayple syrup on top. Not much! Bake at 425 on a higher rack for about 20 minutes, just until there is some browning on top.


those look great. and i bet i could make em for my diet too...minus cheese.

ok, I'm in on this one. I never thought to do this with sweet potatoes. Crazy right? I made everything but this....

brilliance! I love this idea! :) thanks :)

oh, and PS---I never thanked you for starting to put measurements and estimates on your recipes! so, THANKS! I appreciate it :)it does help :)

Great idea!

I love your site! I look at it religiously.

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