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Last Restaurant Standing: Fresh, Local


Last night's Last Restaurant Standing was one of those bland mid-season episodes we often get with this show. Most of the terrible people are gone, so we don't get comic relief of people messing up badly, but there are lots of couples left to slowly weed through. The pre-service challenge was sort of boring, then there were no major missteps at service. I usually anticipate an episode like this at this point in the season, and expect a full recovery next week! Now on to the recap...

Raymond is having a nice day off at the lake, enjoying some quiet time fishing when all the couples show up! He tells them that nothing is more fresh and local than the fish he is catching today. He challenges the couples to cook a few things using local ingredients and serve them at the farmers market.

We see Chris and Nathan in the woods foraging for ingredients. Awesome job guys! They make lemonade with some wild elderberry and mayo with some wild garlic they found. I love it! Sarah and David love the food at the market, and as usual, like the food again at dinner service.

Daisy and Nadine get confused at the store. The fish monger sells them on some line caught mackerel, but didnt tell them it was caught really far away! When Sarah tastes it, she wonders where the Nigerian spice went. She says it tastes bland like British food. Ha.

JJ and James explain their "summer food year round" concept to a farmer. "What are you going to do in February?" is his only reply. They get some beef shin meat to serve on kabobs at the farmers market. This meat obviously needs to cook for many hours to be tender, so I was a bit confused at first. Then he said they were baking it first, then finishing it on the grill. Ahh, maybe smarter than I thought? Nope, they only baked it for a half hour! Sarah chewed for 20 minutes which seems to be her favorite activity this season. At dinner, JJ tells Sarah and David that the pigeon is a very successful dish and people are giving positive feedback. When they taste however, it is badly overdone and when asked, James clearly has no idea what temp it should be cooked to. JJ pops his head in the kitchen and says "Another compliment for the pigeon James!" What is happening here? Is he getting lucky or is JJ lying his face off to everyone including James himself?

Rebecca and Stephen Start at a nice farm where they have the option to pick their own potatoes. Stephen sends Rebecca out into the field, then yells at her when it takes too long! She had to pull potatoes out of the ground guy! Relax. Rebecca was rocking the farmers market, telling all the customers that she picked the potatoes herself less than 24 hours ago. They also were the only group with a menu. Later at diner, Stephen excelled at cooking the rabbit and pigeon, and Sarah was impressed that it was a little less heavy and fatty than the general fare at that restaurant. Because of this, They are named restaurant of the week. Congrats guys! Keep it up.  You are my favorite couple so far!

Lastly, Barney and Badger were weird this week. Fresh off winning restaurant of the week last week, Badger seems to have a nervous breakdown and wants to go home, all started cause he got the wrong size of soup cup??? I thought this guy was in the army? I don't know why one small mistake would have him waving the white flag already. Barney is pissed cause he wants to stick it out to the end (like a normal person). They totally miss out on the farmers market. At dinner service, Raymond is impressed by Badgers sauces, which are his usual downfall. Barney also does well in front of house. The judges are unsure if they should be allowed to stay after skipping the market. Raymond goes to ask them what the deal is. Barney says he cant take it anymore and they bow out of the competition. A boring end to a boring episode.

I was harsh on this episode, but I am sure it will come back strong next week. The previews looked good! I should have a surprise for the LRS fans hopefully next week, so stay tuned! Did you guys like the episode better than I did?


No challenges again, I am very sad. Why oh why are JJ and James even on this show, JJ has to be lying and why was no mention of the fact they only prepped 3 of the rabbits? Another thing that has not been mentioned is restaurant costs/profits this was a big factor in previous seasons. I was really pulling for Badger and Barney I don't understand what happened there, sell the soup in half cup and full cup portions or by the ounce and buy more cups it isn't that hard. Rebbecca and Stephen in-spite of her food phobias seem to be starting to develop so hopefully they keep coming along. The girls from Nigeria seem to have very bland personalities along with their food, I just don't see any get up and go from them.

As an aside do these people not practice and try things out before coming on these shows so they are somewhat prepared?

i love bacon girls

Season 1: Great! Season 2: What?!?! Why keep around the two friends that have screwed up every challenge every week, and they have no apparent upside. Season 3: We know who David and Sarur are by now, so please stop introducing them and their life stories every week. Rebecca and Stephen really just got booted? Really?!?! The last two couples are beyond incompetent. Dinner service, and customer report has no bearing on results apparently. Nevermind that the two bartenders cannot julienne lettuce. Yes, Stephen gets stressed when he has to cook upside down on a riverboat, and he is not an accomplished pastry chef, so my novel idea is to let him simply cook in a kitchen with a menu he has designed. Something that he tends to do very well, I may add. Rebecca and Stephen have not been the most accomplished or talented to roll through this ever increasing poorly produced show, but there is no doubt they were the best that remained. The Last Restaurant Standing just got a makeover to The Last Episode Witnessed (by mildly intelligent middle-aged men). It's a bit lengthy, but I think it may just catch on.

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