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Groundhog Cake


Old fans of the site who remember Mandi, know that she loves groundhogs day. One of this website's first posts ever was some groundhog cupcakes she made for her office. Last year, she re-created the cupcake groundhog in a much larger size on a cake. It didn't quite make the deadline of posting for groundhogs day, so I promised her I would save it till the next year. I totally forgot about these pictures and was about to post something different when I noticed them hidden away on my hard drive! I thought I would post this today for anyone looking for some groundhogs day party ideas (What?) Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

When decorating cakes, it is super helpful to make them a day early so you don't get annoyed when it takes a long time.

About a cup of fluff, teaspoon of vanilla, 1/4 cup of confectioners sugar, and a stick of softened butter.

This is funny to me because Mandi hates food coloring! Caught.

Mandi hard at work.

Pretty sure she just used store bought cake on these. The frosting ingredients are listed above.


I love the Caterpillar. Or Centipede is it? Caterpillar is much cuter though. Great job Mand!

So cute Mandi! Bella's birthday party is Sat, wanna bake a cake and send it East??

so cute!!
I love it!!!

busted on the food coloring! haha sometimes unavoidable i guess? the teeth and nose were flat gummies i think like either airheads or fruit rollups or somethin? kristin i wish i could make a cake for her! i doubt it would hold up on the trip well haha i made one a couple weeks ago for my roommate's bday

not sure yet what i will do this year? but should figure it out soon cause groundhog's day is almost here!!!

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