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Sweet Potatoes with Jack Daniels


Cooking Christmas dinner this past weekend, my mom remembered that she had meant to make a sweet potato dish, but we didn't have much time left. We quickly found this Paula Deen recipe online and decided to make it. Jack Daniels is one of my favorite drinks after all. I sped it up by peeling and cutting the potatoes raw, and doing some microwaving. More on this later. The final result was amazing and actually caused multiple sweet potato skeptics to convert! Tomorrow I will be posting my Mom's stuffed shrimp recipe that she makes every year.

The sauce has brown sugar, butter, and Jack Daniels.

The sauce should have been slightly thicker, but I didn't really have time to let it cook longer than 20 minutes.

It was a juggling act in our oven that day.

Tasty! Blurry!

The recipe is here. What I did to speed it up was cut and peel the potatoes raw, then microwave them for about 6 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then I threw them in the oven while I made the sauce. In the sauce, I used half the amount of water to cut down the time it needs to reduce. 20 minutes of simmering and baking later, I added the sauce to the potatoes and let them cook in the oven together for 20 minutes. This essentially cut the recipe from 1 hour and 45 minutes, down to 45 minutes. The sauce could have been thicker, but it was still delicious.


Looks delicious!

So, I've been wondering--did you ever try horchata again??

Twice baked potatoes are my favorite... I'm jealous of your oven...

I just discovered your blog and I like it.

I just got a large box of sweet potatoes and have to use them before they go bad. This recipe is timely and looks delicious.

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