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Stuffed Shrimp


My family has eaten this dish for at least 5 years on Christmas. It's a simple thing to make, but its really tasty. The way the shrimp is cooked with the stuffing inside it keeps it nice and tender. The funny thing is, I didn't eat seafood when i was younger, and I haven't been at Christmas with my family for the past 4 or so years. This was the first year I really could taste and appreciate the shrimp! I was really impressed because the roast took a bit longer than expected and we grossly overcooked these shrimp. You couldn't even tell, they still came out amazing. They even tasted great reheated as leftovers, something you can't say for most seafood.

The stuffing.

Veggies softening in the pan.

The crackers and some stock added.

These went into the fridge for awhile cause we weren't ready for them yet.

Before cooking, a bit of butter drizzle.

A Christmas feast!


Like i said, these really impressed me. My mom adds a slight amount of parm to the stuffing, but you don't need to if cheese and seafood is a nono to you. The recipe is here.  It's called Dan's stuffed shrimp, what a coincidence!


Wow, these pictures make it look even more amazing. Love me some seafood :-)

i definitely have to attempt this one!

Oh man, these look good!

yum indeed or rather yum^squared!

The end result looks delicious! I do think you should make your main post photo of the cooked shrimp...they look gross raw!

tasty for sure. I made these for NYE & they turned out great. I used crab instead, and used some old rosemary bread for crumbs instead of ritz. thanks for the idea, good stuff.

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