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Savory Cheesecake


This didn't really photograph well being all white, but it actually came out really good. It sort of blew people minds having a cheesecake as an appetizer instead of a dessert, but it didn't seem that weird to me. Honestly if you think about it, cheese seems weirder as a dessert, doesn't it? I stole this recipe from Giada, but I added some spinach to it, to make it red and green for Christmas.

I got some really nice ricotta, that is why it is so thick. Also - worst picture ever?

I made a kumquat and onion relish? Jam? Sauce? Marmalade? To pour over the cheesecake. Does a relish need to be raw to be called relish? Normally I would know the answer to this, but Wikipedia was no help.

Cause if a relish needs to be raw, this wasn't one.

This is jsut the cheese and a few eggs. I doubled her recipe.

Yum. Directions for roasting a pepper are here.

Pre baking

Post baking.

The best way to make this is with a springform pan. I just baked it in an aluminum pan (cause nick has no cooking supplies) and flipped it out onto the table.

Serve it with pita chips.

Giadas recipe is here. I doubled it and added spinach. I also made my own kumquat and onion "relish" by chopping up kumquats(in season in the winter!) and onions and putting them in a pot with a small amount of tomato puree, some sugar, vinegar, and water and simmering it for about an hour.


How about chutney? It sounds like a kumquat chutney to me. Especially if you added some mustard seed.

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