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Pulled Pork Sushi


My friend Nick had a Christmas party this past Saturday, so I made a ton of food for the event. During the week when I was talking about what I would make, Aric kept telling me to add stuff to the menu. I thought he was crazy and that it would be way too much food, but in the end of the night, pretty much everything was gone! These sushi rolls were a big hit and I think surprised most of the people at the party.  I am just posting a quick overview of how to make them, but if you want more sushi specifics, you can check out these older posts.

I just put this into the slow cooker with some store bought BBQ sauce.

Extra sauce on top.

I use Alton Brown's sushi rice recipe.

Black sesame seeds on the outside.

The dipping sauce was just bbq sauce mixed with vinegar

There will be more from the party all this week, so stay tuned.  Also welcome to all the people from the party that I handed out cards to!


Dude, sweet! I have read about something like this, but never seen the full deal. Props to you. I am sure that the pork tasted right awesome!

Nice! We had pulled pork last night for dinner, this will make for awesome leftovers!

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