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Creamy Fenugreek Curry with Lamb


Sorry everything was super ethnic, labor intensive, and spiced out this week guys. Next week I have some awesome app type stuff lined up for all your Christmas party needs. Even though it takes a few hours of simmer, this recipe is actually pretty easy. I am staying with my friend in NYC, and he lives a block away from the curry capitol of the city. Every time I leave his apartment I get blasted with the best smells that make me sooo hungry. I finally was able to grab fenugreek leaves that I have always wanted to find, so I made this curry that uses them as the main flavor.

Things were a bit different with this curry. I often cook some onions to make a curry paste, but this one was all raw.

I also didn't have much to make this paste with, so I put the onions and garlic right into my spice grinder! This made a mess, but worked great!

The paste with some yogurt in and the lamb. This went in the fridge for 3 hours.

Some browned onions followed by the lamb with all the yogurt mix.

Add in some water and a bunch of dried fenugreek leaves.

I saved a little of the paste (before the yogurt went in) and mixed it with some butter and oil.

Cover the cauliflower with it and roast it at 400 for 20 minutes. It comes out soo good!

A little yogert after it cooks for an hour. This brings the creaminess back.

Great meal!

Thanks for the action shot nick.

Some people take turmeric and fenugreek pills. Just eat this instead!

I followed this recipe pretty closely, but I didn't use actual cream, just yogurt. I also didn't get the fresh greens. Save a little of the paste to coat the cauliflower in before roasting.


This looks delicious! I'm curious, what does fenugreek actually taste like? Is it similar to any other herbs/spices in flavor?


i bet buddy the elf would love this.

Dan - What exactly is fenugreek and how is it used?? Is it easy to find in the US or only in the ethnic areas/groceries?

Thanks....I think I know where you mean - the wholesale place. I'll check it out.

Fenugreek leaves may be found at an indian speciality store and they are called methi

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