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Christmas Party and Warm Cider

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I have been showing you the food from this party all week, but no pictures of people enjoying the party! Well here they are today, along with some of the other stuff I made. But it wasn't something that I made that was the most talked about thing at the party. Aric made a warm cider that everyone loved. It was a very simple recipe that paid off big time and really warmed everyone up on that cold night.

I made my favorite party time appetizer, pepperoni bread. You can check out that recipe here.

Some of the best party foods, are also the easiest to make. I just love these pictures.

This will be a wallpaper soon.

Who is that sharply dressed man holding the pigs in a blanket? Not me.

Here is the punch that Aric made.

He can make it without even looking! It is equal parts of apple juice and cranberry, with a bunch of cinnamon sticks and cloves.

A little salt to help all the flavors come out. Then he put it on the stove and let it come to a simmer, then lowered the heat and let all the flavors meld together for a half hour.

During the party, Ann was mixing herself a cup. Start with some Whiskey.

Then just ladle some of the warm cider into the cup.

There were also some meatballs I made. The recipe for those is here, and the sauce is here. I served them with some cut up hot dog buns so people could make meatball sandwiches.

People starting to show up and grab some food.

You can see the curry dip, pork sushi, and cheesecake from earlier this week.

Grumpy Santa. Also, that kid has the worst sweater ever. YIKES!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Pizza Bread
Savory Cheesecake
Curried Yogurt Spinach Dip
Pulled Pork Sushi

1 Comment

Hi, I am one of Aric's older sisters! I guess we'll be asking him to make the cider next weekend since he is so talented and all! Well at making cider without looking anyways. Glad you all enjoyed our Mom's cider recipe!
The food looks great too!
Angie (Steffen) LaBonne

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