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Bags Packed


I am couch hopping for a few weeks, so I had to pack a lot. I wasn't going to make a post tonight, but I was cracking up when I looked at my backpack. Apparently, this is how I travel now.


This reminds me of a gift I saw, maybe in a magazine, maybe a food blog, I can't quite remember... but it was a set of travel tins with various herbs and spices, for the "foodie on the go". Maybe someone should get you one for Christmas, so you won't have to take up a whole backpack with all your fixin's!

This is how you know you have a cooking addiction...

We should do a redneck thing for food.

You know you are a foodie when:

When you don't mind going to three different markets to pick up food for one meal.

If i had to pack my bags i would bring Vegeta...this stuff makes EVERYTHING taste so much better :)

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