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New Lens and Foodie Fight


THANK YOU INTERNET! Due to all of your generosity last week, I was able to purchase a new lens for my camera. I raised just under $100 on paypal in 2 days!!! To fix the old lens would cost $130, but to buy the same one brand new was $150. Since I got such a big help from you all, I decided you deserved better and I was able to UPGRADE to a $200 lens! I have been playing around with it and I think we will all notice a huge improvement on the pictures starting tomorrow. If you are wondering, it is this one.

In other news, today is the beginning of the last foodie fight of the year! Nick and I decided that with the coming holidays, it would be tough to chase people down for their entries and since each battle is a 2 week process, there is barely even room for one! Much much more on this topic can be read on the foodiefight website this Friday. For now, head on over to this weeks battle and cast your vote, I am pretty impressed with everyone's work!

I am cooking lunch and dinner today, so I hope to finish out the week with 3 posts. see you all tomorrow with nice new pictures!



Found you're blog a couple weeks ago. Love it. That 35mm is the only lens I keep on my camera, love it as well!

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