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Individual Buffalo Chicken Pot Pies


On Sunday, Rich had us over to his new condo that he (finally!) moved into 2 weeks ago. I love the place, and think it is perfect for a food blogger. There are a ton of windows and natural light everywhere, Brand new appliances, and the kitchen is wide open and near the hang out area. I had a great night that night with friends, we laughed a lot and the food was awesome! Now I know I made a similar buffalo chicken soup in the past, but this was more of a stew, much thicker and creamier for in the pot pies. My camera broke 3/4 of the way through this post, so that's why the pics get weird at the end. I even missed the whole covering of the pies with the puff pastry! Speaking of that camera, thanks so much everyone for the donations yesterday!  The requested thermometer pic has been added to that post!

Making the stock.

Rich is salting in dramatic lighting. The pot is overflowing.

Don't worry, we divided into 2 pots.

While the stock simmered away for a few hours, we chilled on the awesome roof deck! What a nice afternoon/evening.

Look at that sunburst behind John. You can't photoshop that.

Cheers to a great night.

Now starting the soup base. Thats a lot of butter.

It must have been windy in his apartment cause look at how the flour is being blown... I'ma good draw-rer.

Lots of flour to thicken this stew. Be sure to cook it enough so it doesn't taste like raw flour! The right side of this photo shows a good shade of brown.

No lumps.

Rich, Kim, and Missy played cards while the food was finishing.

Nice and thick.

In goes the final touches. I like to add the veggies at all stages of the cooking so some impart deep flavor while some retain the raw texture.

Pouring into the bowls... This is where we lost the camera. So sad, but I didn't let it ruin the night!

I did miss the pictures of us putting on the puff pastry and also pulling it out of the oven. Here we all are sitting down to eat.

So tasty.

This was all Kim's idea. At first I didn't like the idea, but I am glad we finally made it cause it was awesome.

The first crunch into the pie is the best. That's what makes the individual servings so cool.

Whoops! forgot to sprinkle blue cheese on top! There it is.

Back to the roof!

Buffalo Chicken Pot Pies

2 chickens
2 celery hearts
Bunch or bag of carrots
Bulb of garlic
2 onions

Take half the celery, carrots, and onions, and all the garlic and chicken, and make a simple stock.

The rest of the celery, onions, and carrots, diced into perfect small squares.
The poached chicken from above, removed from the bone and shredded.
The stock from above, simmering, skimmed, and reduced a little
An undisclosed amount of cayenne sauce such as franks red hot. (buy the large bottle)
Puff pastry
Like 6 to 8 tablespoons of flour
Stick of butter

Melt the butter in the pot and add a little oil to prevent burning.
Take half of the celery and carrots (again?) and all of the onions and saute them in the butter with some salt and pepper until soft. About 10 minutes
Add the flour, it may seem like a lot, but we used a lot of butter and we want this to really tighten up. See pictures above.
We also do not want it to taste like raw flour, so be sure to cook it at least 3 minutes until it darkens, stirring and mixing the whole time
Whisk in like 4 cups of the hot stock, being sure to remove all lumps
Add about 4 more cups when the mix is smooth
Bring to a simmer.
Add chopped parsley, chicken, and raw remaining carrots and celery
Add the cayenne sauce to your tastes. Start with half the bottle and taste it to see if you want more or not. We used about 3/4 bottle. Cook 5 minutes and ladle into your individual serving tins.
Cover each with the pastry (be sure to crimp the edges) and a little egg yolk (or white? or both?) if you have it. This is to help browning. 400 degree oven until browned. Serve right away. Yum.


yay! i'm so glad you made these! they were awesome!

holy red-eye batman. you need your camera back.

1 - they were so tasty and awesome, although the leftovers the other day weren't that good.
2 - join the beardies!
3 - fire alarms/smoke detectors suck...
4 - pictionary is an intense game.
5 - Dan singing Arctic Monkeys with his "British accent" is hilarious.
6 - "Dockers Water/Stain Repellant Napkins" aren't the best for sloppy dinner parties - HA
7 - you'll have a new lens for your camera in no time, Dan.

Thanks everyone for breaking in my new place. I can't wait to have more dinners there.

Chili Vanilli Remix this year, Kim???

This site is awesome, I check it everyday during lunch. I have even posted it as a link on my blog:, so more people can experience this site. I don't remember how I cam across it, but I am glad I did. No matter how complex this dish, the pictures and directions make it is easy to recreate.

Keep up the good stuff!

- Lunch Pail

congrats on the new place richie! cant wait to see it. looks sick.

I love the way you present this recipe. I can just imagine how intense the flavor would be with the hot sauce inside. For the blue cheese, I think it would have been cool to make a blue cheese biscuit dough and fire that bad boy on the top. Either way, it looked awesome!

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Your pot pie looks very good. I am trying one of these tonight. I hope it turns out well.

Soup looks amazing, and awesome presentation! Definitely going to cook this. MMmm buffalo...

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