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Hasselback potatoes... Yey or Ney?


Blogs have been making this recipe like crazy for the past year or so. I have always wanted to try it, but didn't think I would post something so simple that so many other people make all the time. I decided to post it in the end because I honestly wasn't that sure how I felt about it and wanted some peoples feedback. Do blogs just make it cause it looks pretty? Cause I honestly don't think it was much of an upgrade to a nicely baked potato. The cutting of the slices wasn't much work, but shoving the onion pieces in there was a pain. I do like the IDEA of these, and I think next time I am just gonna drop the whole mess in a deep fryer and slop on some cheese sauce. Has anyone else made these? Do you have an opinion?


Annoying! The annoying part was fitting them in, then I pressed them down easily with a fork.

Some people use garlic in some of the slits, but I wanted one piece of onion in each. Not for flavor really, just to assist the even cooking and crisping up of everything.

Wow, it just looks so good right??? I mean don't get me wrong, it is very good, but I am not sure it is worth the extra effort.

I made these green beans with caramelized onions, garlic, and a little milk.

I used the delicious sauce from the beans to eat with the potatoes.

So, what is your opinion? Have you made them?


I have made them before, but I usually make thin slices on the potato and put thinly sliced garlic, not onion.

It is a lot of work, but I do enjoy the result :)

Does it speed up the cooking process?

Is the onion in there for mere mechanical separation of the "slices" so that it can cook evenly on each slice?

What if you cut it both ways and made a "blooming potato"?

I've also made them with russet potatoes and garlic, drizzled with olive oil - I found that they were like a fancier garlic-roasted potato and the garlic flavor really infused throughout the potato, so I was very happy and liked it. They came our crustier than regular baked taters that way too. nom nom.

I have made these before, and although they're pretty they also look disturbingly like giant grubs you'd find under a giant rock in giant land. HOWEVER. I used pieces of butter and garlic (mostly butter), not onion, so mine were freaking decadent. I liked how there was more crispiness on each slice than in a regular baked potato, and I thought the cutting process was fun. I will make them again... though it's been over a year since I last did.

I don't really have an opinion on the potatoes... I've made them before and kind of agree with Dan... not that much better than a really good baked one...

I do know that the steak in the last photo is cooked perfectly.

In general, I find baked potatoes pretty boring. Although these look prettier and are a little spiffed up, I doubt I'd bother. The green beans, however, look amazing!

Hi from Sweden, this is orgiginally a swedish recipe and originally hasselbacks potatoes is just regular potatoes that you slice thinly (not through) and then you brush them with butter and sprinkle some breadcrumbs over.

I've never done it with onions, maybe I will try it the next time. :)

I love them. like someone else commented here, I fill mine with garlic and butter, and I use baby golds, and the result really is freaking decadent. It looks pretty, and the individual little slices get all infused with the flavor and a little crisper.

Does my eyes deceive me or did you use sweet potatoes for this?

I've never seen hasselbacks made with sweet potatoes, traditionally it was always 'normal' potoates.

As you probably gather from this commend I haven't tried to make hasselbacks with sweet potates but I think that you'd lose one of the main parts of them - the crispness.

If you try it with 'normal' potatoes I think you'll get a much better result. Just slice them thinly, about 3/4 way down, and dot with some butter and chuck on some breadcrumbs and some seasoning.

Try that and you might be a bit more happy with hasselback potatoes, something I personally love.

// Mike

I actually made them last night, and was super annoyed by them. Cutting was annoying, putting things in the slits was annoying, and in the end, it didn't really taste much different than a baked potato IMO. Aren't they supposed to get crispy? Because they didn't. At all. LAME.

Final Vote: Call me lazy but, hasselback potatoes are NOT worth the effort. I love potatoes but I'd rather just make mashed potatoes with lots of garlic and butter (and of course sauteed onions on top).

I've been making these a fair bit lately, big hit with the housemates.

I've been putting cheese, onion, chilli, basil & garlic in the wedges. It's been amazing

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