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Halloween Candy Bars


I brought these candy bars to a Halloween party this Saturday and they were a big hit. The recipe is very hard, but they were fun to make. I made them on Friday afternoon and the whole deal took about 4 hours including waiting times. My thermometers weren't very accurate, but everything still turned out great.

Here is the start of the nougat. Just some sugar and corn syrup heating up.

Pouring the sugar into whipped egg whites.

Adding chunky peanut butter.

This stuff is awesome.

Now to make the caramel.

I added pretzels instead of the peanuts in the recipe.

The pretzels and caramel make up the second layer of this bar.

Good enough to eat.

After it chills for a few hours, I cut out candy bar sizes.

These went into the freezer for 20 minutes or so.

Tempering chocolate is pretty tough, and i'm not sure if I did it correctly. It all tasted good though.

Dipping the bars.

Some of these came out good looking, some came out sloppy.

I wrapped them all up to take to a party.

Lady Gaga likes them, and so does the most interesting man in the world.

Wilma is skeptical about eating homemade candy from a strange man dressed as a carrot.

Homer and Marge were fans.

I followed this recipe on Chow pretty closely, but swapped out the peanuts in the caramel for pretzels.


The easiest way to temper chocolate (esp since you have an electric range) is to use the microwave melting ever 30 seconds then stiring.. it's the easiest way to keep yourself from accidentally burning the chocolate... and throwing in a tablespoon or 2 of butter helps make the chocolate glossy.

For me, I learned to temper chocolate the old-fashioned-non-foodsafe-way. What you do is when your chocolate is melted, you can see if it is the correct temp by putting the spoon under your bottom lip. When it gets almost too warm to handle, it is ready, take it off the heat and stir it.

Nice job on the recipe. There are a lot of advanced components, and everything turned out nice.


Wilma loved these!!!!

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