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Fried Fish Sandwich


I have seriously been wanting to make a fried fish sandwich for like a year now. I finally did yesterday and I was so happy with how it came out. Making your own tartar sauce makes a huge difference! And don't just mix mayo and relish people, it only takes a few more minutes to make it your own. My own included pickles, parsley, chives, and cocktail sauce. It was fantastic!

Some chives. I am really just playing with my new camera lens here.

The start of the tartar sauce.

I was thinking some horseradish and chile sauce, but all we had was store bought cocktail sauce. Pretty much the same thing!

Beer for the batter, don't make fun of the silver bullet!

The fish coated in flour and dipped in the batter. Ice is important in a tempura/beer style batter.

Fried deliciousness.

The sauce spread on some amazing crusty bread.

What a good sandwich!

Again, I am still learning/ playing with my new camera lens. The pictures will be perfected in the future. Looks promising though, doesn't it?

My mom, who is never home for lunch, happened to stop in yesterday. She didn't know how to eat this sandwich it was so large.

John, who is around for lunch all the time, didn't see an issue eating it.

No recipe you guys, the batter was a cup of flour, cup of beer, and a teaspoon of baking soda and powder each.  Toss some ice cubes in there!  The tartar sauce was half a pickle, some parsley and chives, a big spoonful of cocktail sauce, and some mayo.


This looks ridiculously amazing!

I'd have to say creating your own tarter sauce is definitely the way to go. I like to make my own cocktail sauce as well.

Looks great.

Did you mention what type of fish that was?

Looks like mahi

I was working at a private camp two years ago as a cook and we made beer battered fish one night. the only beer we had to use was coors silver bullet. tonight i stumbled upon this recipe and was totally creeped out. crazy coincidence? perhaps not O_O

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