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There was a camera mishap this past Sunday, and my nice SLR is currently out of commission, hence the slacking this week.  I feel weird doing this, but Nick at Macheesmo suggested it, and told me he would give me 10 bucks if I did it.  Then I started thinking that if every person that comes to the site on a daily basis gave me 1 dollar today, I could fix my camera in no time!!!  You know I am unemployed and all.  Seriously guys, no more than 5 bucks.  That includes you Nick!

New Lens Fund.  Thank you all sooo much!

Update - the requested thermometer pic!

For the record, I never thought this would give me a full new lens, just put a dent in the cost, and so far it has put an awesome dent!!! Thanks to everyone who helped out.


Food bloggers work hard people :) Help the man fix his camera!

Hey hun, your direct link isn't working. So either put up your paypal email address or fix yo link!


Dan- I refuse to use paypal since I had an issue with them a few years ago. But send me your address to me and I'll donate... you know since I did steal all your recipes for my dinner party last sunday...

I will donate if there is a promise of getting a thermometer that fills up as you are closer to a new camera.

I donated all the way from Ireland!
It's the least I can do, you've essentially fed me over 50 times!
I also second the thermometer idea :)

I'm actually really curious how this works out for you... are you going to let us know how much you raise for your camera fund?

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