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Squash Turkey Chili


Since it's fall and all, people love to shove squash and pumpkin in places they don't belong. The good news is, 1 out of every 5 of these types of recipes work great. The second I saw a recipe for pumpkin chili, I knew I had to try it. I changed about 5 substantial things about this recipe, so I didn't feel the need to link it. The recipe had canned tomatoes in it that in my opinion would completely cover up the squash flavor!!! They used canned pumpkin(HATE) which i swapped for a butternut squash. Also, the recipe had no cinnamon which i feel is common in chilies and also pairs well with squash. Seemed like a no brainier to me! My only regret is that I didn't use dried chiles in this recipe. I love the flavor that dried chiles impart to a chili base, but I didn't find any at the first store I stopped in, and I didn't have time to stop again.

A butternut squash roasted in the oven.

The flesh of the squash being added to a simmering chicken stock. I blended this up with an immersion blender.

Peppers and onions first, then a little garlic, then the ground turkey.

In goes the squash stock. After this I seasoned it heavily with the usual chili spices.

I didn't think the cheese was necessary, but a spoon of sour cream was nice. The next day I used yogurt instead and it was even better.

When you take a bite of this, you first taste chili, but then after you taste the subtle squash. I was a big fan of this and would definitely make it again.

Squash Turkey Chili - The way I had intended to make it.

1 butternut squash
7 dried ancho chiles - stemmed and seeded
2 cartons of chicken stock
- Cut the squash in half add salt, and throw it in a 350 oven for 40 minutes or until fork tender. in the meantime, put the stock in a pot and add the chiles. Simmer on low while the squash is in the oven. The stock will become deep red and the chiles will become tender. Add the tender squash to the stock and blend the whole thing with an immersion blender. Allow this to simmer while you begin the chili.

1 lb ground turkey
1 large onion diced very small
1 large pepper diced very small
3 cloves garlic diced
2 tbsp honey
1.5 tbsp cumin
tsp cinnamon
2 cans of beans, your choice. I used white and pinto.

Cook the onions and peppers in olive oil. 5 minutes. Add garlic. 1 minute. Add turkey, salt. Cook until turkey is cooked and not pink anymore. Add your chile/stock/squash broth. Add spices and honey. Simmer 15 minutes stirring occasionally. Taste and adjust seasonings. simmer 10 more minutes and serve with sour cream or yogurt.


I think cooked tomatoes kill most chilis, nice job not using them.

Great chili recipe! This is just delicious and I've never had anything like it before

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