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Salted Caramel Pecan Cheesecake


Just when I thought I wouldn't have a post for today, I was walking in the kitchen and my mom said she was just about to make a cheesecake. Sounds good to me! I have a lack of sweet food on the site anyways. She was making the cake for a get together with some friends on Saturday night.

When people do guest posts, they love to have an opening shot of all the ingredients.

Graham cracker crust.

Don't worry, I have a link to this recipe at the end of the post.

Making the caramel. Just sugar and water!

After you bake this cake, you are supposed to leave it in the oven with the door cracked for awhile.

The caramel and the cake have cooled.

Tiny flecks of salt. It would be better with some designer salt, but I left my grey salt at Stephs. Not that the taste is different, but it is cool to see the pieces of salt on the cake.


The recipe can be found here.


YUM! That looks amazing.

My son just loves cheese cake, this is going to make him very happy! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to make this!

ok this came out perfect! love it!

*drools* I was ready to settle down for the evening, but now it looks like I'll need to bake. Thanks for the inspiration!

This is an absolutely delicious cheese cake. Two things, first it takes a lot longer to cook than it says in the recipe and second it has always cracked on me. This time the crack was smaller because we cooked it in a water bath. But that caused its own set of problems.

Made this last night and it was divine, but I have a question.
I made the caramel according to the directions (1C sugar and 1T water) and I ended up with sugar rocks. The sugar crystalized into rock formation, never really melted down and after adding the butter and the cream I had to strain the sugar rocks out of the caramel.

Did I do something wrong or was it not enough water or is there a better way?

I agree with mom. It took me about 70 minutes of cook time and several hours of cooling time in the oven but mine never cracked. Just the problem with the caramel, although it tasted wonderful.


My favorite kind of cheesecake! Thanks for the recipe!

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