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Guinness Onion Soup


What did we do with the Guinness bread from yesterday? Used it as croutons on Guinness onion soup. You guys know I love soup, and I have been waiting for the season to change so I can finally start making it again! You can expect a soup almost once a week from now until April.

Lots of onions. 5 yellow, 5 white, and 2 red.

In to the pot with lots of butter, oil and salt. Add a pinch of sugar.

Goodbye onions.

I left a lot of onion cooking pics in to show you guys the stages. This is after the first 7 or so minutes on medium with the cover on.

This is after high temp for 5 or so min with me stirring the whole time. I turned it back to medium after that.

Thyme in with 5 minutes left on the onions.

Guinness going into the pot. Follow it with beef stock.

Frothy from the Guinness.

Cut the beer bread into croutons and broiled them.

In french onion soup, people usually use gruyere, but this being Guinness onion, we used cheddar.

Yum. so good.

You don't really need a recipe for this, but I pretty much used this one anyways cause it is perfect. The bread recipe is from yesterday.


Oh man, I LOVE soup.
I'm super excited for more soup recipes!

Wow that looks so good, I wish I had a bowl in front of me right now! I will for sure be making this very soon! Looking forward to more soup creations, I too love soup any time of year.

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