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Grilled Pizza: Great for a Party


We all know my obsession with perfect pizza and throwing pizza parties. But since I moved away from my pizza oven, I have not had the opportunity to make much pizza. Steph was having a party this past Friday and she had a hankering for grilled pizzas. The only problem is grilled pizza is kinda messy and involved and you can only make one at a time. I brainstormed on how I could make grilled pizzas for 20 people, but not be slaving in the kitchen all night and leave her place fairly clean. There was also the issue of her not having a grill or even a grillpan.

I made some of my standard pizza varieties, but Steph had the idea for a grilled peach pizza as a curve ball.

What made these pizzas perfect for a party, was how we made all the doughs ahead of time. Normally grilled pizza is cooked on a hot grill outside. You cook the first side of the dough on a real hot grill. Then you flip the dough onto a cooler area of the grill and add all the sauce, toppings and cheese really quick. You close the grill and let the dough cook through and the cheese melt. (more on this process here) What we did to improve this recipe for a party was to get all the messy stuff out of the way ahead of time. First cook all the doughs on both sides with no toppings. I used an indoor panini press griddle for this. Then we lined the doughs up on sheet pans with all the various toppings. About 15 small pizzas total with 5 different topping combos. Just before the guests arrive, preheat the oven to as high as it will go. Put the sheet pans in for 5 to 10 minutes at a time until you get some nice browning on the cheese and dough. Did you follow all that? it's ok if you didn't, check out the rest of the pictures and then come back and read this again.

Here is me "grilling" the pizzas on both sides.

Yum! They look good enough to eat.

You can see the pizza's lined up on the tray here with some sauce.

You guy's know how much I love bacon pineapple jalapeno pizza

All ready for the oven.

This is a feta and spinach pizza.

Steph has a huge cutting board that was perfect to serve these on. I cut each pizza into 6 or so slices.

All the classics are there. Salami with arugula, BPJ, spinach and feta, peaches with bacon.

It was fun to do a pizza party since I haven't in awhile.

For the party, I also made a peanut butter cup cake. I felt that this did not deserve it's own post because I have made the same frosting and cake before, but some of the ladies from the party may disagree.

In fact, the ladies liked it soo much that it was a shame they all have boyfriends! I suggest that dudes everywhere bring this cake to parties where there are lots of women.

Thanks again to Ina for the cake and frosting recipes.

Steph was the birthday girl.

I was just excited about the triple layer awesomeness.

All these links are above, but here they are again:
Pizza sauce
Pizza toppings

Go back up below the second picture to see the method for making these.


Yeah, that cake does look aweseome. I hope Steph enjoyed the festivities! Can I fly out for my birthday?? I'll take some sort of coffee toffee concoction please. :-)

God I wish you were my friend!

Wow, I look pretty tan...and beefy from eating well these past few months!

What a great party with great eats! The pizza was amazing, as was the cake! So happy I could had you around this year to celebrate!

happy bday steph! :) cake looks super yummy. hope you had a great weekend full of celebration!!!

I love grilled pizza and make it almost every time I cook dinner. My favorite part is that it's crispy like thin crust pizza but there's still enough dough to satisfy my need for bread. Also, BPJ rocks!

Patrick in Cville, Va

omg. that cake dan...on the same level of food porn as pork belly mac n cheese BRAVOOO

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