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Fried Green Tomatoes


This year was not the best year for growing tomatoes in New England. My Mom has a few plants and while they did produce many great fruits, it was nothing close to what it should have been. Because of rain at the beginning of the season, but nice weather towards the end, there are many green tomatoes on the plants at the moment that will never ripen. I have always been curious about fried green tomatoes, so I snatched a few off the vine and tried it out. Steph and I were almost shocked by how good they turned out to be. It was a very unique texture and flavor. Fried, yet light at the same time. So juicy that they didn't even need a sauce, but a little vinegar made them even better.

Unripe green tomatoes are fun to work with. They look and feel like a tomato, but are really hard, almost as hard as an apple!

Thick slices.

Salt them early and let some water drain as the salt sucks some moisture from the tomatoes.

I made a quick beer batter. Beer plus self rising flour, salt, and a piece of ice. Keeping batters like this cold ensures crispiness when fried.

A flour coat on the tomatoes to give the batter something to stick to.

Fried at about 350 for 2 or 3 minutes until it is nice and golden brown.

Moment of revelation. These things are soo good! I am even slightly confused in this picture as to why it tastes so good.

A dot of vinegar on every other bite or so.

So good. If you aren't growing tomatoes, go steal your neighbors green ones. They probably wont be using them!

Cut thick slices from large unripe green tomatoes. Salt them lightly on both sides and allow to drain for half hour. Heat some oil for frying. When the oil and tomatoes and you are ready, combine 1 cup beer, 1 cup self rising flour, pinch of salt, and an ice cube. If the mixture seems too thick or thin, add some beer or flour to thin/thicken it. I can't give you exact measurements, it's more of a feel thing. When it is ready, coat the tomato slices in a thin coat of flour, dip into the batter, and fry for 3 or so minutes until golden brown.


hey! if you cut them a little thinner they taste awesome in a fried green tomato BLT. Add a little cheese and put either spicy mustard or thousand island dressing on that bad boy and it's heaven.

-little love from south of the mason-dixon

mmm. i've always wanted to try these

hmmmm.. Are you sure about this? Well, no harm in trying! Many disregard those green tomatoes anyway. Let's make some food out of it.

"Many disregard those green tomatoes anyway." Really? Wow! We don't here in the south!!!

We also make green tomato relish! Great with beans and cornbread or with biscuits and gravy.

Try using an actual green tomato, rather than an unripe red one.

Its even better.

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