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Fresh Pasta with Brussel Sprouts


I like brussels sprouts A LOT. So how come you never see them on the site? Because I like them very simply prepared. Browned in a frying pan but still crunchy in the middle, top with salt or parmesan, done. I cant really post that. Especially because someone already did it perfectly. Here is a quick recipe I came up with the other day that combines brussels sprouts with fresh pasta and everything else it plays nice with. Bacon, Balsamic, a little cream. The fresh pasta is a nice contrast with the crunchy sprouts, and I think a necessity for this recipe.

Fresh off the stalk.

A dramatic shot of the sprouts.

Shredded up in the food processor.

I made the pasta short to match the rest of the ingredients.

This recipe was so easy that the pasta wasn't annoying to make. I made this whole recipe on a weeknight in an hour and 15 minutes!

The shredded sprouts.

Bacon cooked and garlic in.

Followed by the sprouts. These cook on high for about 5 minutes. Don't overcook them! Drop the pasta because it only takes about 2 or 3 minutes. Place the pasta strait from the boiling water into the pan with the sprouts. Add a few glugs of balsamic, and about the same small amount of cream.

This doesn't look too appetizing, but it is very tasty. Put a bunch of parm on top! I do feel like it needed something else, but I am not sure what. It was still tasty and we ate a ton, but it could be perfected with a few tweaks.

Pasta, brussel sprouts, bacon, garlic, cream, balsamic, parm.
Just follow the pictures! It isn't too hard.


Maybe the thing it's missing is mushroom? It looks AWESOME, and I love brussels sprouts too. I roast them, and it's basically the only way I ever cook them!

red pepper flakes.

I love this combination! I think that if one had some pancetta, it would ramp this dish up even further. Going to try this on the wife. [update - She loved it man! Thank you for the great post!]

I love brussels sprouts too - and everyone (except my husband) looks at me like I am insane for liking them! This looks excellent. I'm with the above commenter on red pepper flakes - they make everything better.

Love brussel sprouts!!!
Excited to try this recipe.

So far my favorite brussel sprout recipe is roasting them with olive oil and kosher salt. The best little green "french fry" ever!

A friend makes a very similar dish - what she adds? Pecans! Toasted and tossed in at the very end.

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