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Corned Beef Hash


Two weeks ago I had a craving for corned beef. Two weeks ago. The problem with craving something like corned beef is that it takes two weeks to make, so when you have a craving, you better be a patient person. Two weeks later, here I am with some two week old beef that needs to be cooked before it goes bad. I didn't know what to do with it! Another problem with corned beef is that people like the leftovers better than the actual meal. I was planning on making this for my family on Thursday night, but FORTUNATELY it took much longer to cook than I planned the recipe stated. No one had dinner to eat that night, but I had tons of leftovers to eat for breakfast! I decided to make these the way my favorite breakfast place used to make them. "Josephs Two" in Waltham, MA was a regular occurrence in my college days, and what do you know? I am going to be in Waltham tomorrow...

I THINK these were the spices... this was 2 weeks ago after all.

That is a lot of salt!

The beautiful brisket.

All rubbed up and into the fridge for curing.

You need to put a weight on it. As you can imagine, the pot did not last very long as the weight.

After a day or two, a lot of juice builds up in the bag.

After 2 weeks, this thing is a rock of beef. You need to rinse off the extra salt from it.

In a pot with some potatoes, carrots and onions. We were going to eat this on sandwiches last night, but it took double the time stated in the recipe!

Wow, it's so small! it's like a baby corned beef.

So good!

Not sure what I will do with this yet, but it was too damn delicious to toss.

This morning, I made the hash. I just used the veggies from when I boiled the beef.

I wanted it real thin like diner style.

So tasty!

It was kind of a disappointment to eat a meal that took 2 weeks to make all by myself, but I guess I cant complain because it was so tasty! I hope everyone enjoys the leftovers in the fridge this weekend!

Did I tell you guys that this picture was taken literally 15 minutes ago! I am totally liveblogging this. What's next, twitter? Nope.

I followed the corning recipe from this site. If you want it to be pink, Alton has a recipe for that, but I didn't feel like getting the chemicals for that part.


I wish you had taken measurements before and after cooking. I can't believe how much that brisket shrunk. Despite it's size everyone really thinks it's very good. I guess if you try this, cook one that's MUCH bigger. The hamburgers we had instead because of how long it took to cook, weren't nearly as tasty as this.

corned beef hash. ask any one of my friends and they will tell you this is my all time favorite breakfast food. I love my Irish eggs benedict--you being a foodie I trust you know what that is?
Love this so much!

Oh. You just made my day! I am thinking that with the addition of grilled green onions, and some sharp white cheddar - it would be money! Well Done!

A really quick alternative (though flavor wise, is relatively similar..for not using corned beef that is) is the Danish "biksemad". Brunoise potato and Danish "medisterpolse" (which is a white pork and veal sausage with nutmeg) or a bit of bacon, minced bell and onion cooked in either the sausage/bacon fat or butter. Serve with yolky egg and hollandaise if you're feeling saucy. This is definitely a breakfast that requires a nap directly after. Great article though! Cheers

corned beef hash is my favorite breakfast meal of all-time

Wilson's diner is so much better than Joseph's 2! You're missing out.... go back and see what I mean.

If you like the hash at Joseph's, try the Deluxe Town Diner on Mt. Auburn in Watertown near the Cambridge line. Unbelievable.

The corned beef recipe link is dead.

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