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Allie and Matt's Engagement Party


The engagement party for my sister and Matt that I have been talking about for the past week ended up being a great success. I had never cooked for so many people, so it was an interesting test for me. In the end, we went through 5 pounds of pasta with marinara, 3 pounds of mac and cheese, 15 pounds of pulled pork for sandwiches, 2 pounds of baked beans (that had 2 pounds of bacon in them), kielbasa, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, salads, desserts and tons of apps! We had absolutely no leftovers! Well, after dinner there were some leftovers, but they all got eaten as we continued to party throughout the night.

I've never seen so much pork butt!

This is just some store bought rub that I enhanced with lots of brown sugar, chile powder, cumin, and a dash of curry. Dash your curry like you ain't in a hurry! Anyone?

That's a whole lotta cheese. It's a blend of cheddar, jack, provolone, and fontina.

All that cheese fit into that cheese sauce. Were gonna need a bigger pan.  I feel like the guy in the Bush's Baked Beans commercial.

Since the pasta was going to sit overnight before being baked, I made sure it was juicy enough by adding plenty of sauce and some of the pasta cooking liquid.

8 hours later!

Yum! This just has store bought BBQ sauce on it. When cooking for 70 people, you have to take some shortcuts!

Here is a crazy cake my mom made that night! It looks awesome and definitely puts my Boston Cream to shame. It looks like Dr. Seuss!

The next day, I added a layer of quick sauce to the pasta trays to keep them moist.

The oven was super full

Everyone arrived and was snacking on the italian hoagie dip and chips with salsa.

Oh and some kielbasa too.

Line 'em up!

Did John burn himself on the grill?

It was hard to get a picture of my sister, the star of the party, because she was so busy entertaining everyone!

Good Times! I have never seen so many people in my backyard.

I used my basic sauce recipe with no meat for the pasta. The mac and cheese I do not really have a basic version available on my site, but you can check out the pork belly one, or the green version. The pulled pork I just rubbed with my favorite spices and cooked at 300 for 7 hours. Then shredded it and smothered in BBQ sauce. If you want a more involved and serious pulled pork sandwich, check out this post. I made the same baked beans I made here. I have no idea how to make that beautiful Dr. Seuss cake, but if you check back later today, I will get the recipe location from my mom and post it.

UPDATE: I found the recipe for the cake.  It is here.

I had such a good time that night! Congrats to Allie and Matt!


I like M.I.A too nice insert dude

Thanks to everyone who came (especially the one who flew in from across the country for the day!) I had so much fun with everyone. And the food... o man, the food was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to my brother for all the cooking and for being awesome and saving that completely necessary pan of pasta for late night after all the beer pong games!!!!!!!

Me come from New Delhi...

But yeah, impressive stuff! Good job with all that butt!

Great Party! Great food! Great company!

Only one thing Dan failed to mention,
him and his teammate John getting beat in Beer Pong by his 'old' Uncle Joe and cousin Jeff!

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