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Potato Roll Fail


It has been awhile since I posed a failure on here. On Friday during the dim sum party, we had one. It seemed like a great idea to start. Something like the taco roll we made in this post, but instead of taco, it would be like loaded baked potatoes. Instead of flour dough, we would use gnocchi dough! It seemed like a really cool idea, but in the end, the dough didn't come together properly. I think if there was more flour in the dough, it might have worked out! This is the last time Mandi will be on the site for awhile. She was in Boston for a wedding and very happy to hang out and cook with us since she has not had anyone to cook with out in LA.

I made instant potatoes for the gnocchi dough. If you want to know why I think this is acceptable, or want to learn more about different ways to make gnocchi, you can check out one of my favorite posts ever.

Mixing it with flour to make a dough

So far everything seems to be coming together well.

Bacon, cheddar and scallions

Then just roll it on up!

This is when we realized it might fail. The dough was really fragile. We threw it in the freezer for an hour to try and firm it up.

These were supposed to be pinwheel slices.

Sloppy in the pan.

Doesn't look too appetizing huh?

So how could we fix this? More flour in the dough? Boil the whole thing in plastic wrap before cutting it? Any other ideas?


Looks aren't everything, you know (except maybe in a cooking blog...). How did they taste? Unfortunately I have no suggestions on how to make the dough work out, but they seem like they would be pretty tasty!

What if you baked it for a bit... let it cool and the cheese harden.. then slice and fry?

they actually tasted really good, but were gooey.

me and missy made dumplings out of the leftover potato dough. they made pretty good perogies!

Maybe...adding some bread flour and kneading the dough a bit to build some gluten would help? Using twine/floss to cut might also make the rolls more precise.

They don't look all that unappetizing, really. I'd happily eat them in the name of science. :)

It looks pretty tasty to me, but I'm a fan of anything fried up in a pan. I agree with Val, maybe crisp it in the pan, then bake?

We can finally get that really yellow cheese here in Australia. Costco just opened up not too long ago!

try a biscuit dough. I use bisquik for alot of things.

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