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I thought I would have a post for you guys today, but have been really busy this week prepping for a party at my parents house. There are going to be 70 people here! We are celebrating my sister's engagement (which happened in Bermuda if you remember). I have never cooked for this many people (by far) and I am going to be going crazy today making tons of awesome stuff! Some are old favorites, but there are a few new things. Don't worry, you will hear all about it next week. But in the meantime, I knew I couldn't leave you guys hanging on Friday, especially since I didn't post Monday. Here is a quick drink we are making for the party this week.

I can't even call this a recipe. I really just wanted to post this to tell you guys how awesome Iced Tea Vodka is. Has anyone had it? It seems to be really popular this year, but I had never seen it before. Apparently there are a few different brands. My sister has a favorite, and so does Kim, but this is the one I found. It was pretty good.

Just mix it with lemonade and a splash of soda water.

Have a good weekend everyone and I will be back with some more substantial posts on Monday.


Yum! My favorite is FIRE FLYS buts thats because its the only one sold around us!

I love sweet tea... I get firefly... and drink it straight on ice...

Just a can make your own sweet tea vodka! They only sell Firefly in my neck of woods at a ridiculous price!

1. 1 handle vodka
2. 2 1/2 cups of sugar
3. 5 family size tea bags

Just pour the vodka into a pot, sift the tea bags for about 20 minutes, mix in sugar and bam!

Arnold Palmers? this is going to be a looong day.

Mmmm... yes! I love Firefly.
I like putting it with ice, cranberry juice, and a squirt of lime juice. Or just with some lime juice/limeade (I like limes more than lemons with sweet tea anyways).

No prob. I loved firefly, but it breaks the bank. If you try the coffee thing definitely post on it!

Wow yum! That lemonade just looks so good. I love the packaging :)

Dude, Sweet Tea Vodka is my favorite. EVER. You should try the Firefly brand. They have about 5-6 different sweet tea flavors.

Sweet tea vodka is nectar of the gods. They sell a few brands of it down here in NC. It may be overkill, but I love it with some fresh-brewed sweet tea as a ixer.

Firefly raspberry is my favorite. But all their flavors are great.

Jeremiah Weed is the only other kind i've tried....and it not as tasty. but it will do in a pinch.

The firefly can be a little too sweet for me. I have made the sweet tea we call it a ice pick. What is really good is to make simple syrup and use it instead a plain sugar. 50-50 mix on sugar and water bring to a boil. In you go.

Dan - you guys were on to something with this drink. Try this variation: Lemonade, Peach Tea, Tequila. I call it the Sunset Margarita, and actually just invented it this weekend. Or maybe it already exists. Either way it was new to me, and really good.

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