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Fresh Apple Cider


Apple Cider is a hard drink in most parts of the world, but here in New England, it is just apple juice! Where I would draw the line personally, is that I think of apple juice as sweetened, more processed and also clear where as apple cider is just pressed apples and kinda murky. Legally in the US, you could sell either product with either name. Now that that little lesson is out of the way, I made some cider yesterday and it tasted amazing! I made it with a bunch of those fresh picked apples from yesterday. Val asked me where I went picking, the answer is Echo Hill Orchards in Monson, MA.  Everyone knows that fresh squeezed orange juice is better than from the carton, but you can't really squeeze an apple like an orange! How can I get at that sweet sweet juice?

There is only one ingredient in this juice, and it doesn't need a single other thing. I used 30 apples.

I lined them up like this not only to take pretty pictures for my website, but also to prep them for processing. I figured the food processor would only be able to hold about 6 apples, so I lined them up in 5 rows of 6.

Cored and rough chopped. Leave on the skin.

Toss all that apple pulp into a cheese cloth lined in a strainer.

Some of the juice starts dripping out right away. After all 5 batches of 6 apples each, I put this in the fridge to drain for about an hour.

An hour later, I took it out of the fridge to squeeze out the rest of the liquid.

This move was actually a big workout. My forearms and fingers are sore today!

Skimmed out some of the pulp that fell out of the cheesecloth.

30 apples. I used about 20 Macintosh, 8 Cortland, and 2 Red Delicious.
food process to a pulp and strain in cheese cloth. Makes about 3 quarts.

If you want to pasteurize this, you can bring it to 160 degrees to kill the bacteria and it will last for almost 3 weeks. I recommend NOT pasteurizing it and just drinking it within a week! It tastes soo good that this shouldn't be an issue


MMMM Cider! One of my favorite things to enjoy in the Autumn season. Where are the cider donuts Dan!? :-)

That's a drive for somerville... but they sell Wine that looks amazing.. and I can stop at sturbridge village for a cookie on the way home... hmmm... I might have to do that!

This is not real cider... there are no worms in it! Real cider is the bad apples that fall on the ground and are dirty..

Your's is quite simply- Posh Cider. ;)

umm, echo hill is exactly three miles from my house, boiiiii. happy to see you got apples. i went picking last year and they lost something like 80% of their apple crop. good thing they still had wine.

If you want to save your hands and fingers the workout and consequent soreness, try using a potato ricer with the cheesecloth inside. It's what I use to squeeze the water out of frozen spinach for lasagna. Works well, like a giant garlic press.

Hope you didn't toss all that apple pulp. It makes yummy muffins or cakes.

Shame on me i have never tried this stuff, i don't think we have this here or im just ignorant.

Apple juice made from bad apples isn't real cider either...

Real cider is fermented.

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