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Apple Pie - The End of Apple Week


How many people knew I would finish off apple week with an apple pie? Raise your hand. Yea, I felt like I HAD to do it, but I'm glad I did cause it was great! I used my mom's recipe, but she usually uses a store bought crust. I felt it necessary to honor the cap to apple week with a homemade pie crust. After this week, the Dr. will be away for awhile (cheesy, I know)

The crust is a simple recipe, you just need to make sure everything stays cold. This is flour, sugar and salt in the processor.

Chilled shortening goes in.

Followed by chilled butter.

The dough will have an odd crumbly consistency.  Then you add some ice cold water to it and it comes together.

Wrap up two hockey pucks and put them into the fridge for an hour.

Now on to the filling. Maya loves to peel things.

My Moms pie plate is an antique!

The dough comes out of the fridge. See the nice chunks of butter?

You pour the spices onto the apples in a bowl and mix them around to coat.

You need to pile them up good in the pie.

A few extra pieces of butter adds a nice touch.

The foil acts as a guard so that the outer edge doesn't burn before the rest of the pie is browned.

So tasty!

We did not wait long enough to cut into it, so it was very juicy. if you wait until it cools, the juice will be re absorbed back into the apples. We did not have the patience.

Gotta have ice cream with apple pie!

The crust recipe is from americas test kitchen. I found it here on smitten. The filling is my Moms recipe, which is something she got from a cookbook years ago that has slowly evolved to her tastes.

10 cups of sliced apples
cup sugar
1/3 cup flour
4 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
pinch salt

Mix ingredients in a bowl and pour into a bottom pie crust. Add some pieces of butter and top with another crust. My mom normally bakes this at 425, but since we used a different crust recipe, we followed the baking times and temps from the ATK recipe. preheat to 500, when you put the pie in the oven, turn it to 425, after 25 minutes, turn it to 375, bake for 30 more minutes.


Ok it looks good, but a few tricks, cinnamon candies make for a great taste and color, also, you need cheese not ice cream!! Looks great Dan, we hit up the apple picking in Monson too yesterday, we'll be making apple pie and enjoying our "hard" cider tonight!

As a recipiant of Apple week, I can only say THANK YOU. Everything was absolutely delish. My favorite was the cider. Who knew it could taste so different!!

two words. crumb topping.

I've been looking for a good apple pie recipe for a looong time; I'm going to try this one. :)

Costco just opened here about a month ago and they have this massive apple pie that you can take home. And i must admit it was pretty darn good. It had some sort of caramel sticky sauce instead of the usual cinnamon syrup. Apple pie is definitely one of the best comfort foods and the more rustic it is im convinced it tastes better :)

This is an option to anyone who would like to try, but I find adding 2 capfuls of organic lemon oil to your sugar mixture (whole foods in spice section) adds another dimension to the overall flavor.

Does anyone know what types of apples work best. I've tried with a few mixes, and they never turn out right.
Thanks in advance.

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